Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Gower Tea Rooms ~ Part 2


Hello again from my blog.
Today, I am carrying on from part 1 of 'The Gower Tea Rooms'
which is a miniature Tea Rooms, based on the area where I live and the type of places that you would find here!
The 'Gower Tea Rooms' ~ Part 2
With the main building of the Gower Tea Rooms complete, it was time to go inside and plan the layout. Hywel makes his own rustic finish furniture and it seemed appropriate to have the Gower Tea Rooms filled with his own furniture. So he set about making a large double dresser to store the Tea Rooms crockery, whilst I found a little sink and laid the tile effect flooring. 
With all this done, I could set about filling the shelves with crockery....

bread and soup......


and of course cups of tea...
and that is the Tea Rooms finished!
It was a lovely little project to work on and now takes pride of place in our shop window.
My next project was 'Pipkins' Sweetshop and you can see this being added to our Face Book page this week (June 2013) Now I have to decide what to make next?? I really fancy making something for myself this time, though I think what ever I make, elements from it will spill over into our dolls house shop. Sooo, shall I make myself a little pink witch/ hat room box or shall I start on that very large house in the corner of my living room, which is waiting patiently to be turned into a grand wizard's building? I will put progress photos on this blog, so any preferences on which one out there?
In the meantime, I will leave you with a final peek in the Tea Room window...
 Julia xxx

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  1. I sure would love to see you do the Big Wizard House!!! :):)

  2. At the moment, we are debating whether it will be a wizard house or an old fashioned toyshop! So, I am going to show some little projects first, whilst we decide! :) xx


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