Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tales from Florence ~ Part 1

May I introduce Florence!
She is a dear, some what eccentric old lady, who has spent the last couple of months wandering happily through my room boxes in our dolls house shop in Swansea.  
She has been hand sculpted by the talented Jain of  The Giddy Kipper Dolls and I absolutely adore her quirkiness. She has become the inspiration behind a set of room boxes that I will be making through out the summer, starting with an old fashioned tea rooms.

The room boxes are quite small... 12 by 12 inches and Hywel has made them for me with a small attic space in the top. Here I can hide the individual lighting systems neatly, but still be able to access them if I need too. I am going to try out a 12volt battery attachment that we sell in the shop to power the light and I am hoping that it will be a cheap, effective way to light individual room boxes. I'll let you know how it goes! To hide the lighting system, I am going to put a small, pleated curtain across the front to hide the 'attic' in the hope that it will give the effect of looking in through a window!

We'll see :)
These are some of the colours that I am going to use in the tea rooms, which were inspired by a cake baking table, which I was lucky enough to purchase from the very talented Nikki of Witch & Wizard Miniatures. The wallpaper I have used in the tearooms isn't traditional dolls house wallpaper. I have discovered printed card making paper! I love the designs that I can get and it is nice to work with, not too flimsy and gives a nice smooth finish. But.... it is expensive! Still the pad of card making paper I bought will be enough for a few projects, so it will get used and shouldn't be a costly waste.
Here, you can see the finished papered walls and the small attic space. That is a roll of masking tape in the attic, to show the size. It's big enough for the electrics, but not too big so as to spoil the overall look of the room. 
and here comes Florence....
to inspect my progress so far....
I'm sure she will agree that it is looking very pretty. Strange for me after so many years of wizards and all things old and ragged looking!
Julia xx

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