Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tales From Florence ~ Part 3

This week, I have tried to decide what type of furniture I want in the cake shop and I have been playing around with the different layouts. The layout above is what I finally decided on, although the chair to the right will eventually move to make way for a cake stand. I will be painting the cake counter too to match the dressers and then I have to dress them all with some mouth watering mini cakes and sweets.
It seems someone else has his eye on a couple of cakes too....

Florence's little dog 'Joey'
Because I am working on two room boxes at the same time, once I knew how I wanted the cake shop to look, I moved on to the coordinating room box that will sit alongside it.

This room box is very similar in colours, with a darker and richer feel to it.
It will become a vintage type haberdashery with a twist!
Florence seems to approve of the little pieces that I have found for the haberdashery shop so far....and the twist?
Well, it sells pretty vintage witches hats of course! ;)

Julia xxx 
Hats by Kat Hazelton
Florence by Jain of The Giddy Kipper

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  1. She looks very happy in the cake shop Julia. Lovely job. xx


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