Friday, 2 August 2013

Something Special in Miniature Upholstery


Recently I have been home a lot and I have had the time to reupholster some miniature furniture. The chairs above were a purchase of 4 chairs and a dresser from many years ago and were at the time listed as 'Antique'!
I'm not sure if they actual antiques, but they do look old and they have actual miniature dovetail joints which I think is lovely. I have since purchased similar chairs and they have not been to this standard or finish, so I hold out for the hope that these chairs are genuine little treasures!
I had previously upholstered one of the chairs to go into my 'Orchards' Grocers Shop. I love this fabric, it reminds me of childhood days, so when I decided to reupholster the rest of the chairs for Miniatura, one just had to be in this same fabric!
... and here its, in better lighting and this time with an added trim!
Inspired by the pink and raspberry colours, I looked for some more furniture which was crying out for some pretty upholstery and found this chaise lounge which was nice enough with its cream satin fabric, but I think looks even nicer now with its rich rose coverings.  

Julia xx

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