Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tales From Florence ~ Part 2

With the room box decorated, it was time to add some light. After rummaging around in my 'old lights tin' I came across a great little pink chandelier. The wiring was very short, but as I was intending to use a portable, battery socket for the lights, I didn't need a long piece of wiring.
I used a Dolls House 9v battery socket that we sell in our shop, which would fit neatly in my 'attic' space.
Then, after wiring on a new pin, I attached the battery, plugged in my chandelier and Wallah! We have lights!

I think Florence is pleased with her pretty lights...
Now that the room box is ready, I can begin to make and dress the room box with all things sweet.
But I am going to start with my special purchase from Nikki 
'The Cake Baking Table'

Julia xx

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  1. I love that cute little chandelier

    1. I'm so glad I didn't throw it away now when the cable broke :)

  2. The lovely little pink chandelier is a perfect fit.


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