Monday, 21 November 2011

Peeswick Pets

Welcome to Peeswicks Pets.. a little unloved kit I bought on Ebay some time ago and worked some magic on :0)

I began by painting and waxing the door, paper maching the walls....

.... and using air drying clay on the bays and marking out cobbles!


I aged the walls with my 'tea mix' and gave the bays a coat of brown emulsion, wiping it all off just before it had dried, leaving the majority of the paint in the gaps between the bricks.

After 'planting' some weeds and grass, it was time to start dressing the shop.

Regular followers of my blog may remember that Joy  sculpted my fabulous Pet shop owner Alice Peeswick and her little mischievous boy, Neville :0)

I think they both look at home at Peeswick Pets :0)

There is still some filling of shelves left to do inside the shop, but I have started by making the cages look old and used.

Hubby has been busy making me some dragons to sit on the top of shelves and cupboards and of course, my three welsh coal red dragons are sitting happily on the windowsill.

For now, I think I have gone as far as I want with Peeswick Pets and it's time to move onto my christmas project. I am also making plans to start a large project next year, which won't be based on magical miniatures. I haven't totally decided on the era yet, but it is looking likely to be loosely based around the end of the victorian era. It will centre around a grocers shop with living quarters above and Joy has already sculpted the shopkeeper for me, he is just perfect and I will share his photo with you all soon :0)

AIM News

As most of you aware, due to the editors of the AIM magazine having other commitments at present, there has been no November imag, neither will there be a December imag. 

But fear not, as the fabulous yearly Advent Calendar will be starting as usual on the 1st December on the AIM website

Every day upto christmas, there will be a new door to open, behind which will be a very special project for you all to try out at home.

The AIM magazine will be back in January 2012

For those peeps who have been following my Tumbleton Towers series in the AIM imag, there will be a special concluding post here on my blog soon :0)

Julia xxx

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  1. Fantastic work!!!
    Looking forward to see your shopkeeper!

  2. Oh wow look at that guy on top of the cupboard he is cool! Lovely shop Julia, and Joys dolls are fab, love them, so suit your projects! xxx

  3. Love the brick work around the bay windows Julia. I have a packet of this type of clay I must give it a try now I can see how effective it is.
    Lovely project.

  4. It's a nice little property - shame it was unloved till you worked your magic!

    I like the sound of your new "big" project and look forward to seeing that one get off the ground.

  5. Thankyou Mona xxx

    Thanks Kate.. shh, dont mention the guy on top of the cupboard, he caused grief! Joy's dolls are superb :0)xxxxx

    Thanks Janice :0) xxx

    Hi Irene, I think you will love my new project, I cant wait for the kit to arrive, so that I can start it now! lol
    Julia xxxx


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