Thursday, 3 November 2011

Putting the Pumpkins away and moving on...

So now that Halloween is over, it is time to tidy up, clear the pumpkins away and move on.... to Christmas!

I have a lovely new project on the go for Christmas. Hubby has been busy making me a special Christmas shop and I am looking forward to filling it and sharing it with you all when it is ready :0)  

In the meantime, I am busy making real life size christmas presents and managing the AIM Blog, which puts me in an enviable position of chatting (online) with some of the fabulously talented miniaturists out there. One of these miniaturists is Sadie of Homewardflight and you can see her work on the AIM Members Showcase here. Sadie also has a blog here :0)

Julia xxx

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  1. Hate to see this lovely vignette go but cant wait to see Christmas. I hoped on over to the Artisan website and I now have that in my favs. Have a good day. Cheers, LJ

  2. Thanks LJ :0)I am sure you will love the christmas project too, it has a wizard twist :0)
    Julia x

  3. You are going to be busy! Thanks for the great link too.

  4. That's a lovely picture you've posted and I'm keen to see what you come up with for the Christmas one.

  5. Thanks so much for the links, Julia!

    I've just been admiring your work, they are truly everything we love the miniature world for!

    Sadie x


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