Friday, 25 November 2011

Tumbleton Tower ~ Part 1

My regular followers may remember that at the beginning of this year, I was really pleased to be asked to run a fantasy series for the AIM imag   

For the series articles, I decided to make a tower to add to Hazel Hill. This tower would be home to Agatha, my wonderful witch by Bellabelle Dolls

The great value kit with free postage was purchased from the Dolls House Emporium and it arrived the next day. So work began! After a dry run of the kit to make sure everything was there and fitted nicely, we began by adding some small square windows to one side of the kit and a whole extra back section.  

Using Artmache, we gave the whole building a thick coat and allowed it to dry, before colouring the exterior walls with a tea and coffee wash!

Inside the Tower, I made two rooms; a kitchen and Agatha's reading room/parlour. I wanted this room to be pretty.. in as much as a witch can have a pretty room that is :0)

I drew my inspiration from a bag of pretty ribbon and old jewellery that my mum had given me....

I also wanted quite an ornate ceiling, so using a piece of anaglypta wallpaper, I cut a piece to fit the ceiling and glued it all in place. 

When it had dried, I covered the whole ceiling in a tea wash, to age it... after all, it couldn't be too bright for a witch!

Then, liking the look, I did the same for the wallpaper for the walls....

and so here is the reading room, all papered and ready for carpet! :0)

Back downstairs, through the kitchen....

we built some stone, curving steps....

 and I wallpapered with a green floral paper and aged this slightly too.

With plaster in patches to give it that slightly older look...

....and that is our Tumbleton Tower :0)

Join me next week to see how I 'dressed' the rooms..,
but, if you cant wait till then, you can read more on the making of Tumbleton Tower and see the finished kitchen in the AIM imag from issue 32 to date :0)

Julia xxx

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  1. I have this kit too and it's always interesting to see how another kit the same comes out. love the name for it and thank you for sharing how you achieved the look
    Sal x

  2. It looks great!! I have this kit and have been lacking in inspiration but this really helps me visualise the possibilities. Can't wait to see the finished dressed house and I hope Agatha enjoys her new house :0)

  3. Your very welcome Sally. I hope to see your take on this kit too :0) xxx

    Thankyou Kayjay. I will put the rest of my photos on next tuesday. xxxx

  4. I am really impressed by your tea/coffee staining. This has never worked for me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the aging process. It looks great. LJ


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