Friday, 2 September 2011

Introducing Alice and new projects maybe in the pipeline!

The postman has brought me another wonderful parcel from Joy  :0)

So may I introduce Alice Peeswick .... Neville's mum and wife to Angus... yep, Hazel Hill village now has it's first family in residence. 

When I first began making miniatures, many, many moons ago, I never imagined that I would have any 'residents' in any of my houses!! But... one day whilst browsing through Ebay, I came across a fabulous purple dressed gypsy. She was wonderful, but I was adamant that I would not have dolls in my houses and I let the auction end without bidding :( 

But I did save the seller to my favourites and I kept an eye on her listings, until I fell in love with another of her dolls...'The Flower Seller' and this time I bought her :) And the seller was?  Well, most of my blog readers will know her and follow her wonderful blogs too, the lady is of course our lovely Julie of Bellabelle Dolls  Now, some four years later, my houses have many residents and Alice is the latest edition :)

Alice will feature in my tales from Hazel Hill here on my blog and hopefully in the future in the brilliant AIM Magazine where we are currently running the Making of our latest building 'Tumbleton Tower' which of course is home to yet another of Julie's wonderfully sculpted dolls, Agatha.  

When I am not working on the Tower, I am working on an Apothecary, a pet shop, a toyshop and now I think the Peeswick's could do with a home of their own... wow... I can see busy winter days ahead!! LOL
So, to speed things up a bit, I am going to cheat slightly on the Peeswick's residence and use a house that I bought as a bargain find on Ebay back in the summer. It was going to be a hat shop but alas, that will have to go on the back burner for a little while now!

So here's the house, ready to be adapted and aged.. etc..etc

The roof and the main walls are fine, but I think I will add a layer of real brick work where you can see the brick paper at present.

Inside, I can imagine a large kitchen cum sitting room on the lower floor....

Whilst upstairs, I am going to add interior walls so that there can be two bedrooms and possibly a small bathroom....

 and here is the whole 'family'...

Angus, Alice and Neville Peeswick

Alice will be the pet shop owner and looks quite at home already with her little frog sitting happily in her hand :) 

If you would like to see all the characters of Hazel Hill, I am currently working on a new blog as a showcase and link base for all my 12th scale dolls and favourite purchases. It can be found at:


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  1. A lovely family :) and I really like their house. I look forward to se what you will do to the house.

  2. Isnt she gorgeous! I love the whole family! Same here Julia, I never dreamed of having dolls, but Julies dolls changed it for me too, and once I had one I was hooked and now have many! Now my projects arnt complete without some characters in them! Cant wait to see what you do with this house as its exactly the same as mine, inside and out! I must admit to being too lazy with mine and have left it as is and just filled it inside with my good witch made of course by Julie! But maybe seeing what you do will inspire me to change mine day on my LONG list of things to do! Kate xxx

  3. Well I love Alice and her pet frog!! I saw her on Joy's blog and should have guessed she was destined to you! lol Neville is so much like his Mum! lol ;o) What a great and happy family they make. :o)

    What a great buy on Ebay, but I am sure when you come to do it, it will be great. I know the feeling of having to put things on the back burner, mine's getting rather overcrowded. :o(

    I'm currently trawling online shops for supplies for Sugar Plum's. I think I need some advice from you and Kate...I'm a bit stuck for ideas in the 'creating' room. :o))

    Off to look at your other blog!

    Michelle xxxx

  4. Hi Kate,
    You summed it perfectly.. hooked :) I am definately hooked on Julie's, Jain's and Joy's dolls... they are wonderful and definately make the scenes come alive. Alice, Angus and Neville are wonderful and I can't wait to start on their home. I will put it on here as I go along and hopefully you will start on yours too, it would be great to do the cottages together, though I know your house list is very long too :) xxxx

  5. Hi Michelle,
    Hee hee, Neville is the image of his mum! LOL They are a great family :)
    The cottage was a total bargain and local to me too :) It was going to be a hat shop for Kat's hats, but they didn't look as I wanted them in it, the angles in the room were all wrong. Then when I put the Peeswicks together today, I had a flash of inspiration! I'm eager to start on it now :)
    Hope you get some inspiration for Sugar Plums xxxx

  6. She is adorable - great family and I do like their house :)

  7. Your dolls are so much in character with the properties they "live" in. As if they were made for each other! Your plans sound great and I've been following your story on AIM too.

    What's happening these days with your Welsh shop?

  8. Hi Irene,
    The welsh shop is a very long project as I want it to have many welsh bits and bobs which are hard to find! I will take some photos of it and pop them on though :) xx


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