Monday, 5 September 2011

The AIM free online Magazine is out now

Septembers Artsists In Miniature online magazine is out now, free for all to enjoy with a nice a cuppa, click here to be taken to the magazine.

A big thankyou to all who have given their time, free of charge as always writing articles for the magazine, it is filled with lots of mouth watering foody pages, which look good enough to eat.

You can also find our next installment from Tumbleton Tower in the magazine from page 98. This month we look at how I decorated Agatha's reading room and how I aged the papers for the ceiling and walls to give them that old, slightly dusty look.


In the room, there is furniture handmade by hubby from our Woodland Witches Range which I have loads of books to make to fill the shelves for!!

I made the old curtains from some red velvet which was taken from an old stool of my nans. She had made this cover many moons ago (70 years?) and over the years it had become threadbare in patches. So I have saved the re-usable parts of the velvet to make minis and I have recovered the stool in a crisp cotton fabric. 
I think they fit the scene perfectly :0)   

Have a great day,
Julia ;0)

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  1. It all looks really good and I like the little arched doorway at the back as well. It's a nice touch.

  2. Hello Julia - Thank you for your nice comment on my blog - I'll be at NEC on the Sunday.

  3. Your welcome Irene, I am going through my blog list and trying to catch up with everyone, I only seem to chat to peeps on FB these days! We are going on the saturday :( xxx


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