Friday, 19 August 2011

Meet Angus and Neville :0)

There are two new residents at Hazel Hill.... Angus and Neville Peeswick :0)

Joy has sculpted me two fantastic dolls again and I am thrilled with them, thankyou Joy :0) 

There is Neville Peeswick.... my first little boy in Hazel Hill. He is amazing, with ginger curly hair, a shoelace which looks as if it is coming untied and his school shirt tails hanging out!!

He will be standing by the counter in Peeswicks Pets, holding up the jam jar of Newts he has just collected for his mum to see.

Then we have Angus Peeswick.....

He is the 'slightly mad' owner of Hazels Hill's Apothecary :)

Sporting tartan braces to hold up his grey checked woolen trousers and pointy shoes, I think he is one of my favourite dolls I have of Joy's. The photo's don't do him justice, he is brilliant.

As always, Joy's attention to detail is wonderful and I can highly recommend her work, if you click on Joy's name above you will go direct to her websiter or click here and you will go direct to Joy's blog, where you will see that Joy is about to start on a little dolls house shop of her own, after some coaxing from myself ;0)

Thankyou again Joy, I adore them both and I hope you will have great fun with your little shop, I'm looking forward to following your progress :)

Now I have to do is finish off all these bottles and start filling the shelves in the Apothecary! ;0)

Julia xxx

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  1. Those dolls are wonderful :) So full of character :) Thanks for sharing the link too. Your bottles look good too :)

  2. I think they are wonderful in everyway! Joy's dolls always bring a smile to my face, they have such character to their faces. I can see why you love them soooo much, I know I would. ;o))

    I'm having a Mr Jiggers made by an artisan as we speak...he will be serving in Slug and Jiggers....he's a creepy character though! lol Don't think Angus would want to meet him! lol

    Are you using Scenic Water to fill the jars Julia? This is something I have and other brands, but have yet to try.

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I have just emailed you. Yep, I use Scenic water mixed with food colouring. I will post more pics on the blog in a couple of weeks, blogger seems very quiet at the moment!

    Joy's dolls are fabulous, the photos really don't do them justice. Angus is absolutely brilliant and perfect for my apothecary and Neville's detail is brilliant, he even has one shoelace coming undone :)

    I can't wait to see your Mr Jiggers when he arrives, he sounds great, but Angus will stay out of the way! :)
    Julia xxx

  4. I love joys dolls, they are full of character and always make me smile ! This all looks wonderful julia :0)
    julie xx

  5. How nice it was to meet Angus and Neville. I'm sure Neville's mum will be thrilled to see the newts!


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