Monday, 15 August 2011

An update on Peeswicks Pets

I haven't had a great deal of time lately to work on Peeswicks Pets, but I have done a fabalous swap with Nicky for some of her delightful dragons to go in the shop.

When her parcel arrived, I was absolutely thrillled, Nicky not only had made me dragons, but she had made all sorts of animals for the petshop. I thought perhaps you'd like to see :0) ..........................................................

Here is a darling little dragon, waiting for that cage door to be opened, so that he can fly out quickly. Lets hope he doesn't bump into the wonderful little tortoise Nicky sent :)

On the shelves, there is an array of cages with Gunther and Vuuraka awaiting new owners...

Then we have some of my frogs in their jars....

and on the shop counter sits Rompold Rat, keeping a safe eye on the shop's invoices!

Whilst Casius Crow, keeps an eye on the window, looking out for new residents soon to be coming to look after the shop.

I love Nicky's creations and treated myself to one of her wonderfuly detailed 'Dragon and Gremlin Tic Tac Toe' miniature games. It now sits proudly in the window of Wizards and Wands :)

Then to finish off, I treated myself to Incognito... a little Gremlin popping out of a Wart Potion Barrell :0)

Nicky's wonderful Dragons and Gremlins can be found in her online store, so if you fancy catching yourself a dragon or Gremlin, click HERE

Julia xxx

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  1. Magical Julia :) I love Nicky's critters, they make your little shop such a happy place.


  2. Looking brilliant, love all the pets so far, but I must say I HAVE to get me one of those tic tak toe games for one of my Harry Potter shops, its a must on the list, just fab! Keep it up you two, cant wait to see more! Kate xx

  3. Thanks Kat and Victoria :) xxx

    Kate, Nicky's Tic Tac Toe's are fabulous. They are so small and perfect, I love them. I will try and keep up with the miniatures, I am busy working on the AIM Tower at the moment, which I can't show here until they have been in the magazine .... oh and I'm doing some knitting for Meg :) xxxxx

  4. Great gifts and good shopping.


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