Sunday, 17 July 2011

Petshop update

We've managed to get quite a bit done on the magical pet shop this week :)
Well, Hubby has!!

He has plastered the exterior walls and added brickwork to the bottom part of the bays. 

I've just wandered past now and again, adding a touch of paint here and there when I have had a spare 5 minutes!! The bricks are made from Air drying clay and he placed the shop on its side to do the slab of bricks. They went on great.... BUT promptly slid off when we put the shop up straight LOL Never mind, a layer of glue fixed that problem!!!

Thankfully we are used to working with paper mache, so no disasters there!!

The beginnings of the shop floor are down and it needs sanding now and then painting to look like grey slate flagstones. The smaller patches around the edge of the base will hopefully look like a cobbled pavement when finished.

Hubby has also made his upper floor which will his 'Whispering Walls' dark arts room!!

 So, that's where we are up to and this afternoon I intend to dig out my bigger paint box and start adding the distressing and damp to the walls :0) 

 I have been thinking of names for the pet shop too, what do you think of.....

Peeswicks Pets


See you all soon, hope your having a great day  :0)

Julia xx

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  1. Oh Julia your little shop is coming on a treat. I love the brick work with the window sills & the brick threshold xxxxx

  2. Looking good Julia, your hubby is a little marvel! I rather like the bricks under the bays and the ledges too. I always secure with PVA...air drying clay and the like need adhesive to stay still! lol

    I love the cobble stone work etc. :o)))

    I used paperclay for my cobble stones and painted them. They have chipped something chronic due to me leaning in to work on it despite me sealing with PVA. I add PVA to art mache and I have found that can chip too (though not nearly as bad. I would advise painting the cobble stones last to preserve them. ;o)))

    I'm now working on sugar plums sweet shop..I want the roof to lift off....hmmm not easy to work out! Grrrr! :o)

    I love the name of the pet shop...keep that one!

    Michelle xxx


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