Monday, 11 July 2011

A magical petshop in the making

I am jumping between projects at the moment.... one day I am making little balls of wool for the Welsh Shop, the next day I am knitting with full size balls of wool and I have also started on a magical petshop project to add to Hazel Hill. Today, I have done a bit on all three, but I am going to share my latest petshop project with you for now :)

I was really lucky to spot this little shop on Ebay recently and as luck would have it, the seller lived not too far from me... so I put on a bid and yep, I won it :) I drove down to pick it up and double luck, the lady was selling a Kates Cottage too, so I have 2 new projects to do now :)  

The Kate's Cottage will be a fancy witches hat shop and the little shop will be the Petshop with a top floor for hubby to make into his 'Whispering Walls' .... more on that too follow...

So, today I have been busy painting the door and interior walls. I painted the door with a light blue, leaving patches of the natural wood showing through. I intend to sandpaper the door down when it is dry and then give it a coat of wax... hopefully, it will look old and worn, with just some colour showing through... we'll see!!!

Inside, hubby has put a thin layer of papermache on the walls and I have painted them using normal emulsion paint 'Malt Chocolate'

Its quite difficult to get into the corners as the shop was already glued together, but the floor and roof is detachable.

I plan to have lots of different little animals in here... although I don't think I will be able to find a pet Werewolf for the shop, which our little Meg wants!!!

But, I have started to plan the inside, which I hope is going to be very dusty with a slate and sawdust floor. I have bought some little cages ready to hang from the ceiling....

and this wonderful bronze owl will decorate the wall behind the counter... which I now have to nag hubby to make me!!

I will also be after a petshop owner... winks in Joy's direction and some pet dragons... winks in Nicky's direction ;0)  Oh, and while I'm busy winking in people's directions, I need a little welsh doll for my welsh shop... wink goes in Julie's direction ;0)

So, with all this winking going on, I am off now to make some mini stuff to sell in my Etsy store... winks cost money don't you know :0)

Hope your all having a lovely week,
back soon,
 Julia xxx

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  1. This will be a fun project to follow and what a lucky buy your shop turned out to be.

  2. I remember you telling me about this wonderful find and buy on Ebay! It's a wonderful shop, I've seen some very similar but not the same as this. :o)

    I have the awkwardness to look forward to when I come to my corner shop for Owl's Post Office etc. :o)

    Looks like you're going to be busy doing mini's and spending money! lol

    Michelle xxx

  3. I do love the design of this little shop. Does it open on a hinge? I like the idea of making a second floor too! This will be great, can see it now full of wierd and wonderful animals! A werewolf is certainly a challenge! I can see another wonderful project evolving! Kate xxx

  4. It doesn't open Kate, the roof lifts off, so the top floor has to be a box to lift off! I really can't see a werewolf in this shop, I was thinking more of owls, furry caterpillars, toads, etc LOL xxx

  5. What wonderful little shop Julia it's going to make a fantastic magical pet shop & I think Meg's right a Werewolf would be brilliant :O)

  6. Thanks Irene, I'm never normally so lucky, they were a bargain too :)

  7. I don't think I could make a werewolf Joy!! LOL Did you catch my wink?? ;0) xx

  8. ooh a bargain of a find! :)) and wink wink hint taken LMAO! :) Love the idea of a werewolf! I wonder If Vicki's Nigel would ever pay the shop a visit?? :)) Its going to look brilliant Julia!

  9. I think there's one more wink needed... I mean, a Kate's cottage where witche's hats are sold - that's a job for Kat the Hat (LOL). Fantastic new projects!


  10. Yes a spotted you winking :O)

  11. That's an interesting project for sure!
    Werewolf in a pet shop ? hmm ...
    And I thought my idea's are weird sometimes ... lol.

  12. Hi Julia, nice to see you blogging again, I'm just been catching up with all your new plans and they sound fantastic. Really looking forward to seeing your pet shop as it progresses.
    Jane x

  13. This is coming along fabulously. :)

  14. Looking great Julia. A pet shop is such a neat idea to do in miniature :-) The werewolf would be fun lol.


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