Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Peeswicks Petshop

I had a good day working on the pet shop yesterday, which now definitely has the name 'Peeswicks Pets.' 

Hubby had covered the walls in paper clay and Air Drying Clay, which is easy to use and gives a good effect. This clay is DAS Terracotta Air Dry and he rolled it smooth and carved the brickwork into it with a thin craft knife. (Don't mention that he forget to glue it first and it fell off... it's safely glued now LOL )

This wall will be the top room, which Hubby is doing himself.... with lots of guidance from me on what to put in it LOL and he has been busy sculpting faces for this room, which are surprisingly working out as he wants them!

Downstairs in my pet shop, the ceiling beams are in. Access to the pet shop is through the lift off roof, which also doubles as the top room floor, so the beams are ideal for holding everything straight and secure, preventing the top floor sliding when I lift the whole lot up! 

The ceiling is plain papermache, which I have left white as it reflects the light a little. Theres going to be lots of little cages and baskets hanging from the beams and I happily discovered yesterday, that my tiny dressmaker pins will tap gently into the beams to look like old copper nails. You have to be very gentle with the hammer though, otherwise they just bend.

Outside, I have had a great time doing my favourite bit of all... ageing the walls :)
The woodwork has a coat of Jacobean Oak Wood stain and the paperclay has been suitable 'tea-stained'
The door has been distressed with Craig and Rose Chalky Emulsion, Oak Wax and then finally Clear Wax and the gold door knob will eventually get a coat of black or dark green enamel when I am painting the cages! 

I'm not sure if you can see it, but around the bottom of the bays and in the corners by the door, the 'soil' has gone down ready for tufts of grass (not one at a time with a tweezers this time, Michelle! LOL ) and I have some lovely flowers left over from Janice, so they will going in as well :0)

My next job is too add the damp and 'staining' to the inside walls and then I can start adding some cages and animals :0)

Julia xxxx 

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  1. Well I think the brick work is fabulous, well done Hywell! :o)) Is he going to wash it over with paint for the mortar, etc?

    I see you are steaming ahead as usual! You will be done and dusted before I even start the inside of ole Sugar Plum's! lol

    Michelle xx

  2. el muro ha quedado muy bien, va a ser una tienda de mascotas magnífica! Saludos

  3. It looks great already. I do love to work with air drying clay, too. There are so much possibilities to use it.

  4. Looking lovely Julia, love the beamed ceiling..<3

  5. Hi Michelle,
    Yep, I will be washing the brick work over to age and darken it and then it will have 'dirty' patches and weeds growing in areas :0)

    I'm sure your Sugar Plums will come on lovely :0)
    Julia xxxx

  6. It's looking great and I love the name.

  7. Wow what straight lines! Wish I could do brickwork! I love the stain colour, and the door,....well love it all actually!Looking forward to the interior even more so! Kate xxx


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