Monday, 4 July 2011


I haven't had time to make anything new for Evies... my little Welsh Shop, but on a recent visit to Mumbles, South Wales, I saw this little chap and thought how perfect he would be to sit in Evie's shop window. So there he is, a little red dragon keeping an eye out for Flora  :)

and here she is... sorting lace in her little shop....

.....where I have now put some bits and pieces that I have made, alongside some crochet hats that I had in a box and the lovely crochet bag that Flora brought with her from Joys.


Then I filled some shelves with some little balls of wool....

Put up some welsh flags and love spoons

and popped my lovely Welsh hat from Kat on top of the corner dresser

So that's where I am with Evie's :0)
I think it will look lovely when it is finished. I have more balls of wool and button jars too make and I reeeallly want a little welsh doll to sit on one of the shelves with my bears, but for now, I have a new project about to start, so hopefully I will be around quite a bit more in blogland  :)

Julia xxx

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  1. This is delightful Julia. I love the shop counter! :o)

    Is that a wooden love spoon on the wall? I know they are popular in Wales.

    It will be great to see you around Blogland again!

    Michelle xxxx

  2. Its lovely Julia, I do like Joys dolls.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  3. This is a precious little shop Julia, love the new addition! Its so quaint! Kate xxx

  4. Hi Michelle,
    I will tell hubby you liked his shop counter, he will be chuffed! :0)
    Yep, there are 2 lovespoons on the wall. The big one is about 2" long and the small one is just under a centimetre in height!!
    It's good to have some time to be in blogland again. I just wish the comments problem could get fixed, sometimes my comments stay, sometimes they don't!! I have to rely on FB to leave comments some of the time :(
    Julia xxx

  5. Oh Julia all the furniture your husband has made is beautiful. Your red dragon is perfect & I lovely the welsh hat xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. It's charming!! Delightful details, especially the spoons, the hats and your lovely embroideries!! :)
    xxx Glenda

  7. Love your new dragon Julia, he looks so cute in the window :) Glad to see you back.


  8. Your shop is so sweet! Thank you for sharing some recent photos with us!

  9. The shop is looking wonderful already!!
    Love the little dragon in the window!

  10. It's all coming together nicely and I love your Welsh hat. It's spot on!


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