Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy St David's Day

The 1st of March already! I can't believe how quickly the time goes! In Wales, the 1st March is St David's Day, so to celebrate I have stitched some little red dragon flags :0) 

Some of these flags will go in our new project... the little welsh shop.

Hubby has made the shop...

but there is a slight problem.....

do you remember I asked him to make me a small shop, around 10 x 10 inches square? Well, off he went to the garage and came back with this....

all 15 x 14 inches of it!!!! 

I just hope I can find /make enough welsh bits and pieces to go in it LOL

The window needs finishing, but it's well on it's way to being ready to decorate. So, today, I have to think of ideas on how I want the shop decoration to look.

Here is the inside with all the furniture he has made to go in the shop. Lots of shelves to fill :0)

I also have to think of a name for it, I was thinking of 'Welshwishes' but we'll see ;0)

Hope your all having a great day,

Julia xxxx

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  1. It'll be lovely to see what all comes from Wales. As for small shop / large shop: if it had been made any smaller, you couldn't have gotten all that furniture in it.
    hugs Karin

  2. Happy St David's Day to you!

    Well, it looks like H certainly doesn't do things by half. Your little Welsh flags are fab - what a good start.

  3. Happy Saint Davids Day Julia x I love the start of your little Welsh shop. My goodness your husband has made some beautiful furniture for you xxx

  4. Love the little dragon flag! I think the shop size looks just right with the furniture. I can't wait to see all the goodies in the shop.

    Victoria ♥

  5. Hi Karin

    LOL There wasn't supposed to be this much furniture, I have had to 'borrow' some from future projects to fill the shop! Goodness knows what will end up in it :0)
    Julia xxx

  6. Thanks Irene, I just hope I can keep up with ideas for it, it's not as easy as I had imagined to make welsh items :0) xxx

    Thanks Joy, I'll tell him, he'll be grinning all night :0) I am going to use your lovely Flora that you sent me as the shop keeper, I think she looks a bit welshy! Hywel keeps calling her Blodwyn!

    Julia xxx

  7. Another comment from me! I've just had a thought - you must have loads of daffodils in your shop!

  8. We always used to celebrate St David's Day (and the other Saint's days) in my junior school. We had loads of Welsh teachers all in the middle of London and they all had the lovely accent! :o)))

    It's a great shop and I love it! I want to email you something about it.

    Michelle xxxx

  9. Oh, I know Irene... I love daffs, be they big or mini. Part of the reason I gave in and said yes to hubby to do a welsh shop is because I thought of the little pots of daffs I can have now and he can't complain :0) xxxx

    Hi Michelle,
    Lovely accent! LOL Everyone says they can't understand me, I talk too fast! I'll look out for your email :)

    Julia xxxx

  10. A belated happy St David's Day to you!!
    See me waving a virtual bunch of leeks and daffs :D
    Will you have one of those tall black hats that Welsh ladies used to wear? I love them!
    Oh, and a lump of coal, hehehe :)


  11. Thankyou Glenda :0) Yep, I will have some tall black welsh hats in my shop and I didn't think of coal, thankyou :0) I'm sure I have some mini coal somewhere, I will have to 'dig' it out xxxx


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