Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Bear Shop revamp and a new little shop

Well, the little bear shop didn't get revamped into anything but a ..... Bear Shop LOL After pulling everything out and sorting through the bears, I decided I couldn't evict them after all and back in they all went! :)

So, with nothing inspiring to work on, hubby has finally convinced me to make his 'little welsh shop.' He is busily making the shop from scratch and has already made all the shop furniture to go inside. So, I am on a mission to think of lots of welsh goodies to make for it. Our lovely Debbie came up with lots of ideas for me on FB, so I will be on the lookout for welsh cakes (I'm hopeless at making food LOL ) and I have started to stitch some welsh dragon flags and cushions. If anyone has anything welshy that they would like to swap for something of mine, please let me know, I get the feeling that filling this little shop may be harder than hubby thinks!! I'm hoping this little project will keep me busy for a while alongside the Witches Tower we are making up for the AIM magazine, which will be shown here at the beginning of every month :)

Julia xxx

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  1. LOL I somehow knew this might happen! lol :o))) They do all look so at home! I have a superb tin of Welsh cakes made by Catherine Davis of She hasn't got any for sale at present, but if you email her I know she will make you some. They look so real and good enough to eat and VERY reasonable price too.

    Hywel won the day on this one then! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. Hi Michelle,

    It was Kate's comment on how could I evict the poor bears as it was one of her favourites that started to sway me LOL
    As for Hywel, yep, he won this one LOL. Though I must admit, I'm quite looking forward to the change away from witchy for a while :)

    Julia xx

    PS, Have you seen the DHE competition house is out? £39.00... a bargain :)

  3. Aww I'm glad the bears got to keep their home :)

    Looking forward to seeing your new welsh shop, it's always exciting starting a new project. I've not seen to many miniature welsh things but I know Kat the Hat Lady did a lovely welsh hat a little while ago.

  4. Hi Jane,
    I just couldn't turf them out and did you notice they have got a new bear rug now too? :0)

    My little welsh shop has been put together tonight and it's not as little as hubby first promised! It's going to take a lot of filling. Kat is a friend of mine, I think I will be nagging her to make me lots of welsh hats :)
    Julia xxx

  5. Julia, I am so glad that you didn't evict the bears! I also have a bear shop and there is no way that they would let me get away with that!
    I do hope that the bear rug is fake. Poor bear!LOL

  6. I love you little Bear Shop Julia :) The dragon goodies sound wonderful! Can't wait to see pictures.

    Victoria ♥

  7. Phew Im so pleased, I just felt they looked so at home there. A little welsh shop is a beautiful idea and as always with your projects looking forward to seeing more! xxxxxx

  8. The little Bear Shop is lovely and obviously "meant to be".

    I like the idea of a Welsh shop and I'm sure lots of research will be going into finding Welshy bits for it - it could be an interesting exercise for you, you will probably come across loads you didn't know.

    It's good to hear you have a project now that has taken you out of "stuck" mode!

  9. Oh Bless thanks Julia. Just had another idea, What about some of the iron griddles that they make the Welsh Cakes on, for sale in the shop as well. Also some china with Little Red Dragons on, if I think of any more I'll let you know. xxx

  10. Lol Casey, the little bear is fake, promise ;0)

    I will pop some pics on as soon as I can Victoria :0)

    Keep 'em coming Debbie, between you and Hywel, I will soon have enough ideas to fill the shop, which has grown from a little shop, to a big shop!

  11. Aww your bears look very at home in there, i still havent found a home for my 2 yet!!!


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