Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A little update on the Welsh Shop

Firstly, apologies for my lack of posts lately, I have been a little busy in other areas of my life and just haven't have time to call by 'blogland'. But, with an hour to spare now, I thought I would share some photos of how the 'Little Welsh Shop' is coming along.

Hubby has been busy putting the shop together and decorating the interior and exterior walls. For the exterior walls, he had a specific 'look' in mind, so using DIY Decorators filler, he made the stonework, left it to dry overnight and then applied a thick coat of black acrylic paint. The next day, he sanded the stonework down to get his black and white stone effect. I must admit, in RL it looks very good and it was a good idea... I'm not going to admit that to him LOL

Above the stonework, he has put a layer of papermache, which he did ask me to age, but I think it looks good white, so for now, it is staying as it is ;0)

Inside, the walls are smoothly covered with more Decorators Filler and I will paint these walls with a chalky White emulsion.

The floor has a layer of paper mache, which is drying nicely today, before being marked out as flagstones tonight. Can you see the bare arc area in the front? This, I hope will work.... it is going to be a little mat area, that you would always of found at the doors of little corner shops. Many, many years ago, my local corner shop was an traditional shop, owned by 2 welsh speaking sisters. It had the chunky wooden counters, stone floors, etc and I am drawing on my memories of this shop to take into my little shop. I just wish I could remember the name of the shop, I could name mine the same then!! The shop was only small and joined onto their home. Sometimes they would leave the door between the shop and their home open and you could just about peek a glimpse of their huge range fireplace, comfy chair with crochets blankets thrown on the back and the smell of welsh cawl would waft through the shop :0) It was lovely....ah .............................................

.... and now I am digressing and going on a trip down memory lane, when I should be concentrating on showing you the shop!! LOL

Anyways... here is the inside view of the bay window that hubby made. Don't look at the dust... he's not as tidy as me at clearing up after himself!!

So, that's as far as hubby has got with the shop. As for me, I have started doing a little stitching for it and I managed to grab myself a bargain... a wonderful black leather armchair... it is simply stunning and even though my old local corner shop wouldn't of had a chair like this... my little shop will :0)

For those of who follow my Witchy Miniatures, don't forget that they are now shown in the AIM free online Magazine  This month, we are on pages 70-75 and we share our kit review on the Gatehouse, which will be become a Tower next month... 'Tumbleton Tower' ... so the real fun starts next month, I'm sure your going to love it :0)

Have a great week,

Julia xx

PS I promise to catch up on everyone's blogs throughout the week ;0)

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  1. Progress looks excellent. I enjoyed reading your little trip down memory lane too. Isn't there some way you could poke around in archives to find out the name of the original shop?

  2. Hi Irene,

    I have just done some online research and the shop was called Eirlys Simms General Store :0) Isn't google wonderful?
    Julia xxx

  3. shop is coming along wonderfully! Looking forward to seeing it as you go. BTW what is Welsh cawl?

  4. Love the outside walls:) Can't wait for more:)

  5. Hi Karin,

    Welsh Cawl is homemade soup, you are supposed to use welsh lamb, but I use Turkey;

    2-3 lb. Welsh lamb best end of neck cutlets
    1 large sliced onion
    2 leeks
    3 medium sliced carrots
    2 medium parsnip
    1 small swede turnip or 2 white turnips
    2 tablespoons chopped parsley
    6 small potatoes
    salt and pepper
    4 pints (8 cups) water
    If in season cabbage, celery, etc., can all be used.

    All cooked in one pot and simmered for a couple of hours, then served with grated cheese sprinkled on top and warm, crusty bread... delicious :0)

    Julia xx

  6. Julia your little Welsh shop is coming along nicely. I love the brick work Hywel did on the base. Your cushion and stool look lovely with the chair.

    Victoria ♥

  7. What a fab chair! and the stool is wonderful! The whole shop is lovely already, I have a very similar style roombox which Im going to turn into a Potter style apothecary shop one day! oh and I promise to work on my antique shop soon Julia, gives me excuses to watch the DVD's of Ghost Whisperer, I love the clothes she wears too! Kate xx

  8. HI Kate, now that I have seen your Antiques Shop I am going to nag you to do your Ghost Whisperer shop, I love it :0) I would love to be able to transport into the series, I love her shop, her clothes... don't want the ghosts though!!! LOL

    I have just sent you an invite, so if you get a strange email, it's only me ;0)

    Julia xx

  9. This will be such a different shop from most! I'm glad that you explained Welsh Cawl too! I don't think I've ever heard of it...maybe I have!

    I saw the Tower in AIM...I am watching! ;o)Did you see the tiny houses/shops AND mini's in 1/44th scale Julia in AIM?!?!

    Gosh, I'm I the ONLY person not to have heard of The Ghost Whisperer?! lol I feel like I live in darkest Hampshire! lol

    Michelle xxx

  10. Hi Michelle

    Welsh Cawl is great and it's gluten free if you don't have the bread with it.

    Ghost whisperer is well worth watching, I have followed the series for years. There is an episode on Sky Living on thursday at 7pm :0)

    Julia xx


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