Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Witches Cottage

Progress has been slower than expected on the Witches Cottage, partly due to drying times for the art mache and partly because I was unwell over the weekend and so nothing got done for two whole days. The roof is waiting one day before I start ageing and painting it, but other than that, it's nearly ready :)

I can't believe how long hubby spent on ageing and wearing these floorboards!! He has scraped, sanded and the waxed them to look really old, uneven and battered! I wouldn't of had the patience LOL

The walls are painted and the stairs and doors are in :)

Roof painting next :)

Julia xxx

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  1. I like it! I'm sitting here thinking "wow I could actually live there...if I were mini person"


  2. Well, so far looks gorgeous!!

  3. I love this little cottage. The ageing is perfect. Jain x

  4. It looks fantastic, Julia. Hope you are feeling better now.
    Love, Susanne

  5. I thought I hadn't seen you about. I hope you are okay now though. :o))

    I can't believe that the cottage is almost done, the floorboards look great for all that hard work, the time spent on it was worth it!

    I'm finding it's taking a long time for items of any thickness to dry - damp weather methinks!

    My Sid Cooke kits came today (at last, they were overdue!). Time to get REALLY busy! lol

    Take care and don't over do it!!!
    Michelle xxx

  6. Thank you all :) Hubby's doing the main bulk of the work, I'm just doing the paint effects. Trouble is, when I'm poorly he doesn't get much done, 'cos he's running around doing and getting for me!

  7. Hi Michelle,
    Great news that your kits have arrived, busy times ahead! :)

    RE: drying times, I agree, its the wet weather making too much damp in the air, I've moved it closer to the radiator now! xxxxx

  8. The Witches cottage looks wonderful! I love how the walls are aged and the floor is perfect! Can't wait to see the roof.

    Victoria ♥

  9. oooooooooo i love that!!!!! :D Linda x

  10. I really like the little nooks created in the Cottage.

    Hope you are feeling better now.


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