Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Witches Cottage is finished

The Witches Cottage is finished! :) All ready to be packed up and posted, but before we do that, I thought it would be nice to share all the pics of it, that I took this morning. 

Due to my recent ill health, I have not had alot of input on this cottage, hence to say, all I really did was paint and age the exterior walls and do a little wood staining, so hubby has to take the credit for this one...bah humbug LOL I think it's turned out great and any witch would be proud to call this little cottage 'Home' !

I'm struggling a bit with getting the lighting right today, so imagine the walls a little darker than the photo shows...


Hubby's beloved 'worn' floors that he spent far too many hours getting to look just rightly old and worn!!

The corner fireplace ready for a bundle of twigs and some glowing embers....

All four rooms....

and some of my favourite photos...

imagine these a little lighter, but they aren't far off the true wall colours...

my favourite room... the little downstairs room.. this would make a fab witches library room...

I love this room too, it's a nice size and I like the fireplace and alcove :)

and that's it, all finished, onto the next project now :0)

A big welcome to my new followers, it's lovely to see you here and I hope you will enjoy my mini tales :0)

Julia xxx

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  1. The cottage is beautiful, wonderful floorboards, love the walls, its all fab! Well done Hywel eh! Is your customer going to be sharing pics of it being filled with you to be able to show off, Id love to see it all decorated! Kate xxx

  2. It is a very nice house! It looks really old ;o) Well done!

    Hugs Eva

  3. Looks like you have both done a grand job as usual Julia. The corner fire place is an excellent idea that I might steal for my Cauldron Shop if that's ok.
    Hope you are feeling better today.

  4. Thanks Kate, not sure if I will get pics of it decorated but I will ask :)xx

    Thanks Eva :)xx

    Of course Janice, they can be a bit tricky to sit right but I'm sure you will do one wonderfully :) I am feeling better today thanks, just really tired, but on the mend :) xxx

  5. The dollhouses you and Hywel build are truly some of the most gorgeous dollhouses out there. Beautiful!!

  6. Beautiful cottage! Love the dirty walls and worn floors and the photos in the sun! Great work!:)

  7. Well...your husband did a very nice job, the house looks wonderful!!! I love the old worn floors and the corner fireplace! And the whole atmosphere of the house is so great. Who wouldn't want to live in it ;-)

  8. Wonderful job, both of you! your customer is going to be pleased. I can just imagine it packed full of wonderful witchy bits. Glad you are feeling better Julia :)

    Victoria ♥

  9. I really envy your customer... and I don't believe only witches would feel comfortable in such a wonderful cottage... ;O) Great work!


  10. Only one comment, Julia and Hywel - it's absolutely perfect, and when can I move in?? :D

  11. I like the fire place and little shelves the best too - it's a lovely little property.

  12. It's wonderful Julia and has tons of character. I love the roof too. The little alcove shelves and fireplace are my favourite of all. I'd be thrilled with it.

    I thought perhaps you were unwell as I hadn't seen you about and I hope that you feel better now.

    Sorry I'm tardy with comments AGAIN!
    Michelle xxxx

  13. Oh, thankyou all, Hywel is chuffed to bits with all your lovely comments :0) xxxx


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