Friday, 14 January 2011

Maysage and Birch Staff Room

A few months ago, I bought some lovely soaps and a HOME plaque for Woolembees from Looking Glass Miniatures (Photos to follow) and as is usual with us miniaturist people, we see something in everything that could be used as something LOL So, when I saw this lovely little thank you tag in my parcel, a little light bulb went off.....

and I made it into a pretty little table mat for the sideboard in my Maysage and Birch Staff room.

The sideboard is a whitewood piece, which I had stained with Jacobean Oak Woodstain. I was happy with the look and colour of the sideboard, but I really wanted a pale orange crocheted mat to sit on the top of the sideboard. I'd looked around and seen some, but none were just quite right! Then the lovely parcel arrived and I looked at the pretty tag, thinking the colour would be perfect and my little idea was formed. Trimming it down to size on the wall side, it fits perfectly and I think it looks great :)

Here the table is in place in the staff room. Still lots to do in here, but it's coming along nicely I think. I'm not in a rush with Maysage and Birch, as this little shop and staff room will have some of my favourite pieces that I haven't wanted to part with once I made them! But mainly, it is my 'display case' for my favourite artisans and friends treasures that I will collect over the years... hence a long project!

Can you name who already feature in here? :0)

Well, off for a hospital consultation now, back over the weekend with a update on the witches cottage :)

Julia xxx

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  1. Great idea! It looks so pretty there.:)

  2. Looks great Julia, waste not, want not comes to mind. I spy Nikki and Kat's work already in

  3. The tag fits the bill perfectly. It just finishes the table off nicely. Funny how we get so much please from something that cost us nothing!

  4. how perfect Julia- what a smart cookie you are!

  5. Se ve preciosa, una gran idea!!!
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  6. Great idea, Julia!

    I've been catching up on your blog posts I've missed over the last couple of weeks - you have been a very busy pixie!! Lots of beautiful minis, they just pour from your hands :)
    xxx Glenda

  7. Cute dresser scarf idea :) I spy Nikki, Kat, Midnight, weewood and Julia.

    Victoria ♥

  8. What a fabulous idea...I'm always finding ways to reuse things or find another use for! lol It looks wonderful. ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  9. Thank you all, It was too nice to just throw away and I'm sure Jennifer spent ages punching it out, I always find corners a nightmare!

    Anyway, here's my little list of who's already there.... Victoria, you were nearly spot on. LOL at the JULIA bit :) Yep, I'm there too, my cushion :)

    Okay... Pumpkin pot and the gorgeously grumpy pumpkin by Nikki, fab turned bowl by Tom at Turnings in Miniature, Dragons Teeth by Midnight, Pumpkin teapot by Lory and witches hat by Kat :)

    Julia xxxxx

  10. The cloth does look perfect on the table Julia, it's funny where we can find miniatures sometimes.


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