Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Presents from Friends :)

The postman has brought me some lovely surprises this week from two of my lovely blog friends :) 

The first parcel was from our lovely Kat and contained 2 wonderful hats.

The way Kat has curled her feathers are just fabulous and I love the little ghosties :) Gertie has nabbed this hat and it now has pride of place in her cottage.

Also in the parcel was one of Kat's latest pirate hats. The leather on this is so soft and the shape is wonderful

It is the perfect shape for one of my little bears :)

My next parcel was from Karin and this parcel contained lots of yummy sweets for my Maple & Pear Confectioners :0)

The loose sweets look great in my 'fishbowls' and now sit on the top shelf 

Whilst the smaller sweets are being bagged before going on the shelf by Oswald

But I think the little lollies are my favourite and they are taking pride of place on the lolly and cake shelf, under the watchful eye of Matilda :)

So, a huge thank you to both Kat and Karin, your gifts are wonderful :) Blog friends are so lovely :0)

Julia xxx

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  1. Love those hats especially the pirate one how cool is that! Great sweets Julia, what do you use for little plastic bags thats a great idea! Looks like theres an awful lot of empty shelves there that need filling. I must get off my backside and start making things! Do you prefer loose sweets so you cna put them in things you want or jared? Kate xxx

  2. The hats and sweets look gorgous. Love the idea of putting the sweets in the fish bowls

  3. Hi Kate,
    Yep, there's lots of empty shelves, I must get on with making some bits for it too :)For your sweets, I really don't mind, loose or jarred is fine, whatever you can make will be fab, but don't rush, when you have time :)

    How is your beautiful Bella behaving?

    Julia xxx

  4. Kate, I forgot to answer to answer your question... florists cellophane, it's great for making all sorts of bags, you can even use it to make your own wrapped bunch of flowers. I use the cellophane from a bought bunch of flowers and just cut it up in little squares :)xxx

  5. what wonderful gifts and sweet, sweet friends ♥

  6. I love Gertie's new witch hat. I can't wait to get my pirate hats from Kat. The sweets are perfect, the lollies are excellent! are you sure Oswald isn't sampling the sweets as he bags them hee hee.

    Victoria ♥

  7. I love the sweets in the little fish bowls - an excellent touch.

  8. LOL Victoria, I think it's Matilda sampling all the sweets :) Kat's pirate hats are great, the leather is so soft xx

  9. Wonderful pressies Julia, love everything and the sweets are fab! :o))I will take some filling! lol

    I've kept back cellophane from flowers too and also wrapping off presents (you can also buy it new on a roll in HobbyCraft).

    Michelle xxx

  10. Isn't it a great start to the day when the post not only brings lovely things but such kind thoughts too.

    Sweet shop is shaping up beautifully.

  11. Hi Julia,
    I haven't visited blogland for a while, but I just had a moment to catch up and enjoyed again reading your blog. Such a pleasure always and I love what you have done in the meantime.
    Mini hugs

  12. Nice to get pressies in the post, especially such lovely minis!! Love the pirate hat.
    Well, florist's cellophane hasn't been seen in this house for decades!! I'd get suspicious if He gave me flowers!! :D

  13. LOL Glenda, my hubby doesn't buy me flowers either, I buy them myself if I see some reduced in the supermarket! ;0)xxx

  14. You are most welcome ;-D xxx tee hee

  15. wow~ they are all so lovely! lucky you!


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