Monday, 31 January 2011

It's a little quiet around here!

It's a little quiet around here lately....

The doors are firmly shut....

and the wizards look as if there is a plan afoot....

Aunt Agatha is on her travels somewhere...

and over at Gertie's, one of the dragon's is anticipating great fun ahead...

Whilst the other is mediating and hoping for peace and quiet...

So what's happening at Hazel Hill to cause all this whispering and travelling?? Some new building work is on it's way, I think... :0)


Apologies for my lack of substance to my posts lately, my posts of late have been quick and really just to say thanks to all you wonderful people out there for sending me gifts :0) The reason for me being quiet of late is that over christmas I was put on new medication for my illness and it wasn't that great in terms of side effects.. I spent alot of time resting up and just chatting on FB, or trying to manage with day to day household stuff and just 'dressing' some little bits for me. But, the medication worked (fingers crossed) and I am feeling better each day :) I am also now on a new Elimination Diet, which is quite an experience LOL

But, I do have plans afoot and very soon you will see the beginings of a new project, which I am really excited about and I hope you will be too. Hubby and I have spent the whole weekend putting together the plans for this new project, which will run throughout the year alongside my other projects and interests. Hubby don't half come out with some ideas!! LOL

Here is a sneek preview of a little added extra that hubby dreamt up ...

I'm hoping that those of you that can, will get involved again, as you did with Gertie's Cottage last year and there will be plenty of 'what do you think of this...' and 'do you want to swap....' posts for us all to have some fun with.


Julia xxxx

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  1. Well I for one can't wait to see what you've come up with, your projects are always fantastic!
    And I'm always in for a swap;-)
    Kind regards, Marieke

  2. I thought you'd gone quiet and thought that you were ill. Great to know that you're okay but hope too that the side effects weaken. ;o))) Good luck with the elimination diet and I know the feeling. etc!

    I think it's a cross (window) cut into a wall. I guess a tower of some kind would have a window like this. :o))

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Thankyou Marieke :)
    I'm going to start work on my first swap item really soon :0)
    Julia x

  4. Hi Michelle,

    The side effects are all but gone now, thank goodness, just a little nerve pain now and of course that awful tiredness, but all looking good. The Elimination diet is a challenge!! I just crave chocolate or something sweet, but not allowed :( Had a reaction to beef of all things!

    Cross cut into a wall.... Tower... or an add on... something to let in light, but not to look in for.... an empty room... the list could be endless, hee hee

    Julia xxxx

  5. Looks like the Window you would find in a Castle or maybe a Magical

  6. Another project,my you two like to keep super busy! Whatever it is will be wonderful as always! Keep well Julia, sorry to hear youve felt lousy. Oooh no choccie thats a hard one! Kate xxx

  7. Espero que te vayas encontrando mejor.
    Me encantara seguir tu nuevo proyecto.
    Las dos caras de la puerte de la casa, me parecen fantasticas y muy original.
    besitos ascension

  8. It's good to hear you're feeling better... and as for your newest project, well, I simply lean back and wait patiently... whatever will come, I'm convinced it will be amazing... ;O)


  9. Oh this is good to know you are feeling better - fingers crossed still .:) I can't wait to see more of your new project whatever it is.:D

  10. Nope, not a castle or a majkical school, Debbie xxx

    No chocolate is quite hard Kate, but no toast is even harder.. no bread allowed :( LOl at keeping busy, I have to do something with my time, I still not allowed to go back to work, fingers crossed for the end of feb now xx

  11. Hi Birgit and Ewa, I can't wait to start it, but wait I must, just a little longer :)
    Julia xxx

  12. Hugs Julia. I know the diet is hard, I live it. So glad you are feeling better, I can't wait to see what you and Hywel have planned.

    Victoria ♥

  13. Hi Victoria,

    I'm building up my diet at the moment, just allowed to eat five basic foods at the moment, there's more info on FB and I just popped a nice Gluten and Dairy free recipe on my other blog if you want a peek :)

    Julia xxx

  14. A castle, a tower(let down your hair!) oooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I hope you continue to improve xxxxxxxxxx(((HUGE HUGS)))

  15. The wizards certainly look as if they're up to something! As for the "mystery" project, hmmm - looks a bit castle-y to me.

    I'm pleased to hear you're feeling better too.

  16. Julia- I am glad that the side effects are going away- I hope the new medicine works wonders and your energy and general feeling of wellness return for a long time! I look forward to seeing more of the new project ♥

  17. Thanks Irene and Kim :)

    Not a castle Irene.. towerish ?!....:)

  18. I would have said medieval.... but since you tend more to the wizard side, I'm going to say a HP style of tower.


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