Sunday, 9 January 2011

Monster Miniatures in Etsy ~ a fabulous new store

Looking for something different to add to your 12th scale dream settings? Then take a little peek at these fabulous modern mirrors and bed. They are handmade by Penni and she has just opened up her Etsy shop Monster Miniatures

I love Penni's mirrors and I think they would go in a fantasy theme as well as a modern setting. Penni also says that she make the etched mirrors and bed customized to your specification, :)

Here's the link again, well worth a visit :)

Modern Minis By Monster Miniatures Etsy Store

Julia xxx

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  1. Penni does beautiful work!

    Victoria ♥

  2. Very very nice. Have saved in my favourites in etsy... and added to my watching blog list! I have a modern house as well as others so might find something nice there!

  3. Thank you Julia x its very kind of you x



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