Monday, 10 January 2011

A finished bookcase for my Wizard and Wands Bookstore

Last night, I treated myself to 2 little dragons (links and pics to follow) for my Wizards and Wands attic and it got me thinking.... I haven't actually got around to finishing anything for the bookstore in ages! The library room is looking quite full, but the bookstore itself is looking quite bare and the attic floor only has a telescope in it!  So, I curled up on the sofa with my little TV dinner table (they are a perfect size and height to work at) and I finished 'Dressing' one of the bookstore floor bookcases.

I had distressed and aged the store bookcases last year and sort of filled a couple of shelves, so it was just a case of adding finishing touches to some shelves and making books, scrolls, envelope stacks, etc for the other shelves.

It was lovely to sit and make something a little hickedly pickedly looking and grungy in corners, because it is purely for me and will never be put on sale, it didn't matter if it got that little too dusty or if the book pages look a tad over used! 

My wand boxes leave a lot to be desired LOL
I still can't decide if they look more like old bread loaves rather than dirty old wand boxes, but in the gloom of the bookstore, they work, so I am happy with them :)

On the top of the bookcase, there are some of my paper bundles and envelope stacks and Kat's sorting hat has a prize spot, perfect for keeping an eye on all the goings on in the shop! :)

This is the bookcase in situ in my Wizards and Wands Bookstore, blending right in :)

You never know, now that I have finished one bookcase, I may be inspired to finish the other one and of course when those little dragons arrive, they will need the attic to be started!! So, 2011 may see some progress on Wizards and Wands, unless I get distracted again of course LOL

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Hywel on the other hand, spent last night working on the Witches house Commission.

The windows and door are in and are ready to be painted and aged once the roof has been art mached.

Inside, the main room is ready for painting and having the stair spindles put in. This is how it looks now, all white....

and this is how I am hoping  it will look once painted... warmer and softer looking

The floorboards have been sanded, waxed, re-sanded, re-waxed then aged to make them look really old, bumpy and worn. These floorboards took all evening to do, but they look superb for a witches cottage and I have informed Hubby that I want him to do some like for me now LOL

Upstairs, in the smaller room, you can see the beginning of a corner fireplace ...

and that's how far hubby has progressed! I have promised that I will start painting it this afternoon, so no more nattering from me, I am off to get the paint pots and mixing palette out! :0)

Julia xxx

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  1. it looks lovely! the detail on that house is just amazing!

    good job on the cabinet too


  2. I love the wand boxes, I am a big fan of grunge. I think things look more real if grungy not perfect. Hywel is doing a fantastic job on the witches cottage!

    Victoria ♥

  3. Wow it's totally cool!I love the wand boxes they look old and dusty.I also love all the old scrolls! And what an honour to see my hat sat on the top of the shelf!

  4. such great work! looks exactly like the stuff I saw at harry p land!

  5. You've been really busy, the bookcase looks great and I love that little corner fireplace - very ingenious.

  6. I love the bookcase. It is finished beautifully!!

  7. Gosh the bookcase it great with lots going on! It must have taken you ages to dress!

    Hmmm loaves with writing on Julia...I think not, they look like old boxes to me!

    Your hubby is one busy man! You'll be on your 90th project when I'm on my 3rd! lol I love the walls...and the little alcove shelves. ;o)) Wonderful work as always.

    Your parcel arrived today and I have taken photo's of them on my blog. :o))) So many thanks.

    Michelle xxx

  8. Thank you all, I'm really pleased to actually have finished something for the bookstore floor at long last!!

    Glad you liked your parcel Michelle :)
    Julia xxx

  9. Your bookcase looks fantastic. The best display I think I've ever seen, you certainly have a eye for detail and Kat's sorting hat is the perfect finishing touch x

  10. The book case is fabulous Julia. Mind you Five hours making those scrolls! But so worth the time. xxx

  11. Thank you Marisa, Erica and Joy :)

    I'm a fan of grunge too Victoria, it makes it look more realistic and hides any mistakes LOL

    I tried to get a better photo Kat, but the lighting wouldn't play! With the bookcase in situ, when you look at the bookcase, your fab hat looks as if it is smiling down at everyone :)

    Thank you Minnie Kitchen, that's a huge compliment :0)

    Hubby likes his corner fireplaces, Irene, they seem to be popping up in all his buildings at the moment! LOL

    Thanks Michelle, I enjoyed dressing this dresser, made even better because I knew I could it! I have a desk to dress next!

    Thank you Debbie. I'm sooo fussy with my scrolls, I'm sure I make life harder for myself LOL.

  12. Wow that is a keeper, wouldnt sell that one Julia and your boxes are one of the things I loved the most from it, love the messy stacked look!
    The witches cottage is coming on beautifully. xxx

  13. This bookcase is staying with me Kate, I made it for the bookstore floor of my Wizards and Wands. I have another one to make for the other side of the room now and then 2 counters to do.... all for me :0)The wand boxes are ok for me, I wouldn't make them up to put in my for sale bookscases tho, way not good enough! LOL xxx

  14. I have to fill a bookcase in my wizardhouse... thank you for the wonderful inspiration your work is giving me!!! Love the wandboxes..I like old and worn :-)


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