Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February's AIM Magazine now out and some news :)

AIM magazine issue 31 February 2011

The February edition of the AIM magazine is now out, free to read online worldwide. Packed with 140 pages of miniature delights, there is something for everyone to delight at. The main theme this month is Shabby Chic and there are some wonderful articles and photos that could easily tempt me away from the wizard themes! There are also 13 fabulous projects to get you all sitting around that dining table with your craft boxes at the ready :)

I am also delighted to announce that Bearcabinminiatures feature in this months magazine and will have a regular spot over the coming year. With the lovely Cee of Oberon's Wood, who is the creator of my wonderful wizards, Sambucus and Polemonium and who will be editing and working some magic on my articles, we will be running a special project series .. a little tower home for a good witch. It will be a little different from our usual projects, as with this one I want to try and integrate Victorian prettiness within a magical theme, so I will be detailing our progress, ideas, triumphs and possibly disasters over the coming year.

So now you know what was afoot in the last post and what the huge plan for a little project is about :0)

 I hope you will join us over the coming months on our Tower creating journey within the AIM magazine :0)

Now away with you all to have that cuppa and a good read of the AIM Magazine, the shabby chic rooms are just pure delight for miniaturists :)

Have a great day,

Julia xxx

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  1. Great article Julia. Looking forward to following the progress of your Tower. xxxx

  2. Wow, that's quite an exciting project - and very interesting for me as I am creating a tower for a funny beary witch at the moment (So many different possibilities with witches, isn't it great?!). I'm looking forward to seeing your progress and creative ideas and input.


  3. Thanks Debbie :0) xxxx

    A funny Beary witch sounds great Birgit. It will be great to follow your Tower too :0) xxx

  4. Julia! Great spread in AIM magazine. Congratulations!

  5. Congrats Julia- I haven't read your article yet-I like to save it for cuddling up in bed with the dog and a cup of hot tea- I'm looking forward to it!

  6. Julia - I've just finished reading this and your article was a very enjoyable read. I'll be following your new project with great interest and wish you luck. I'm glad you didn't make us wait too long to find out what it was!!


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