Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Book Makers Cupboard ~ work in progress :)

I have been slow to get back into my mini making this year... yes, I know we are only six days in to 2011, but I don't normally stop for a break at christmas. However, this year I stopped and found it difficult to start again! Oh, I have had plenty of plans and conversations via emails about ideas for new projects, but I haven't actually got the craft boxes out and made something.. until last night!! Put to shame by Hubby storming ahead on making me shelves to dress and working on the Witches Cottage, I curled up on the sofa for 3 hours and made some paper stacks, leather journals and scrolls... there is still alot to make for this shelf, but I thought you may like a peek at it in progress :)

If you look closely at the print on the scroll between the books, can you see the wizard house chimneys?

Hopefully, tonight I will be able to make a bit more... I am thinking of a shelf full of potions and pots? Some envelope stacks? One of my ink wells and some feather pens? and of course I have to finish filling that top scroll shelf.. my least favourite job!

Anyway, I'll see where my inspiration takes me tonight.. more pics to follow :)

Hope your all having a great day,

Julia xxx

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  1. It looks wonderful Julia. xxx

  2. I for one enjoy seeing miniatures that aren't finished yet!
    It looks great already! Good luck with all the rolls you still have to make (always more then you think ;-))

  3. Definately always more scrolls to make than you think, Margriet! ... and then there's the colour matching.. too many pale ones in one area and they blend into one... then a dark one is too close to the cupboad wall and it looks like an empty space.. ahh, the delights of scroll making!! LOL

  4. One little book on it's own would have taken me three hours! I think your getting on famously I love the book case too xxx

  5. I love it, the Detail is wonderful!

  6. That's a lot of hard work for 3 hours! Looking wonderful.

  7. Thanks Joy :) Hubby has made me 6 bookcases up and is now expecting me to dress them all! Does he give me any ideas for what to put on the shelves, tho? Nope!! I'll have to put my thinking cap on again!

    I've spent 2 hours tonight, Kat and the scroll shelf is finished... yay :0)

    Julia xx


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