Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Witches Cottage - Commission

In the last week or so, work has begun on a Commssion Sale 'Witches Cottage' and I am going to be cheeky and hijack some of my blog posts to show the lovely lady awaiting this cottage how it is progressing! :)

All the basic preparation has been completed and hubby is now at the stage where he has started to apply Art Mache to age the interior walls. In the main downstairs room, to the left, there will be a spindle staircase. On the back wall, you can see the fireplace opening which is designed to be large enough for a AGA cooker or a pile of glowing embers and wood and a hanging cauldron :) To the right of the fireplace, there is a alcove of handmade and 'aged' hardwood shelves... great for potion pots and leather books :)

The walls aren't at the stage for painting and ageing yet, but when they are they will look something like the pic below....

Upstairs, there are 2 good sized rooms and the furthest room will have a corner fireplace.. there's no room to put it in the larger room due to the placing of the doorway!

The exterior of the cottage has been started also and the windows have been stained to age with a dark wood stain. I have given the acrylic window glazing my 'dirty treatment' Well, witches don't have sparkling clean windows, now do they!? ;0)

Hopefully, hubby will get all the interior walls finished today and then he can begin on the exterior, the wooden floors, the roof..... lot's to keep him busy, whilst I go for a haircut.. hee hee!

Julia xxx

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  1. Looking great already! I wish you lived closer Id comission you two to do the exterior and interior walls of Emilys Castle, the only bit I like is the filling! Im thinking of trying the stencils again with compound for the castle walls and art mache to give the rough patchy walled interior but must say Im dreading it and have even contemplated bottling out altogether and using paper which I hate, just so its started and we can start to buy furniture and decorate it with goodies! Im too lazy! xxxx

  2. Va a quedar fantastica.
    Tu marido esta haciendo un maravilloso trabajo,
    Enhorabuena a los dos.
    besitos ascension

  3. Hi Kate,
    If we lived closer, I would send hubby round to do your walls :) DONT use paper, persevere, it will be worth it in the end :) If we can help at all via email, just yell, I am here to nag Hywel for hints and tips!

    Your christmas card arrived today, thankyou, it's sooo pretty, thank you. Royal Mail are slow tho.. gheesh!
    Julia xxxxx

  4. OMG your card arrived to day thats so bad! Oh well, it will be a Happy New Year card now eh, as all the Christmas cards are down lol! I WILL ask for advice Julia as I think the compound may be the best bet, IF they do a castle type stencil that is. I made such a hash of my Sweeney shop bricked stencil exterior, I think it was to thin as it leaked through the stencil. We will have a go though! Yours always look so great , maybe it takes practice! xxx

  5. I love the texture and I never thought to smudge the windows a bit for grime *what a clever idea*


  6. I am hopeless at using the stencil too Kate, but Hywel is used to mixing the compound and using the stencil. I think he mixes it thick and doesn't use the spray every time, I will ask him for lots of tips and email you. Isn't royal mail wonderful? :) I will put it up as a new Year card for a couple of days as it is very pretty, thank you :)

  7. It's all looking marvellous Julia - I love the textured finishes H uses.

  8. This is a very intersting project and it looks marvelous.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  9. Julia it's looking fantastic already x

  10. I love it! a happy little witch will live in the cottage. How did you smudge up the windows? I need to dirty mine. Love the little shelf by the fire place.

    Victoria ♥

  11. I am always excited to start a project but Imust confess that I struggle tomakeroom boxes! You are amazing.It is great that your husband can help you too!!! Smiles~

  12. Hi Victoria, I have sent you a message vis FB :)


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