Sunday, 5 December 2010

Woolembees At Christmas

I 'dressed' Woolembees and took all my photos some weeks ago now, but I couldn't share with you at that time because Woolembees at Christmas is featured in the December Edition of the AIM Magazine

The magazine is now out.. free to read online, just click the link above or in my sidebar to go... make sure you have a cuppa ready, believe me, once you start reading this fabulous magazine, you won't be able to tear yourself away.

Woolembees is featured on pages 47 to 52 with the little tale of how it came about :)

Here is a pic to tempt you over to the mag and have a read :)

We also participated in the AIM 2010 Advent Calendar

We are on Day 5, so if you want to stitch a seasonal cushion for your 12th scale setting, take a peek :)

The Advent Calendar opens to a new day and project every day up until christmas and is absolutely fab :)

So whilst you all go and have a cuppa and a good read of the mag, I am off to carry on working on a commission ordered Ivy Cottage... hopefully I will have some pics to share tomorrow :)

Julia xxx

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  1. Everything looks wonderful, in your little shop. Lovely article about your shop and lovely DIY project in the AIM Advent calender.

  2. Its wonderful and I ditto Debbie xxx

    Lorra luffies
    Debie xxxxxxxx

  3. So lovely Julia, sorry i am so late catching up with the blogs , I look forward to reading the AIM mag very soon !
    julie xx


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