Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Christmas Present to myself :)

Every year, I buy myself a 'Special Christmas Something' for my own personal collection of miniatures. Last year it was my lovely 'Long Santa' Cake by Mini Munchies (you can see it in the Bay window)

Well, I figure I work hard throughout the year, in my miniature and RL life, so why not!! This year, I went a bit a madder than usual though, but as soon as I saw him I knew he had to come and live with us in Hazel Hill! :)

May I present....
Julie of Bella Belle Dolls  'Olde World Santa'

He is absolutely amazing :)

When I saw him, I thought he would be a perfect Wizard Santa, with his flowing hair and beard and his wooden staff and I have big plans for him in a Gertie Style project for 2011 incorporating the toy workshop I have planned for next year. Watch this space throughout 2011 :)

He has the friendliest of faces and a warm smile and laughter lines around his eyes...
an Ivy sprig headband and a gorgeous Ivy patterned and fur lined cloak

I love him, thank you Julie, you know he will be treasured :) and a big thank you for getting him in the post to me so quickly, even though you are poorly at the mo.

So into the Wizards and Wands Bookstore he goes... 

but you'll have to wait for another day to see him in there! ;0)

So, I now have my characters for next years projects.. I can't show you my character for my sweet project yet though 'cos hubby has packed them away for Christmas!! :(
16 days to go... :)

Julia xxx

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  1. I'm not alone, what a relief - I too buy me a special present every christmas... ;O) Your santa is a real piece of art, no wonder you couldn't resist him. Now let's wait to see the pictures of santa in the wandstore...


  2. What a wonderful fellow he is, Jules! I always considered Santa a bit of Wizard...I mean, Christmas is a very magical time, right?!

  3. Well at least there is 2 of us Birgit, who spoil ourselves at Christmas ;0)I will be taking some photos of a xmas party in Wizards and Wands later today, hopefully get them on tomorrow xx

    Hi Tabs,
    I think Santa has to be a wizard too and this one is just perfect for my little village.
    My youngest daughter asked me this week how a shop could sell Santa keys when they were all magiced into our homes by Santa.. bless :)

  4. oh he's amazing isnt he! a very Wizardy Santa indeed :o) I'm also doing a xmas toyshop/workshop but doubt mine wil be anywhere near ready for next xmas, at my rate of pace it'll probly be done in about 20 years LOL

  5. He is Beautiful Julia! What a nice gift to yourself :)

    Victoria ♥

  6. Thank you Wendie and Victoria, I love him, the more I look, the more character I see in him :)

    Wendie, I get to cheat with my projects.. I have a Hywel to do my construction bits and my cupboards.. so I have plenty of time for the pretty bits. xxx

  7. Uh uh, I just "rewarded" myself with some stuff too. Must be a female thing ...;-)
    The Wizanta looks really really great.

  8. just HAS to be done.. after all, we work hard, we deserve a treat ;)

    PS Love the name you gave him.. got a feeling that will stick :)xx

  9. I spotted him through the window of your first pic and just KNEW he was the one you were referring to as your "reward". He's just wonderful and it's so important that he has the right expression and a nice face.

  10. I knew what dolls Julie had listed and as soon as you said that you bought one of Julie's dolls I was convinced you had bought the pumpkin witch! When I looked Wizanta was gone! :o)

    He's adorable and I love his beard the best! A wonderful treat for you Julia!

    Look forward to all your new projects 2011!

    Michelle xxxx

  11. I'm jealous! He's beautiful... I saw him on Julie's website last year and he was what made me order my own santa, mrs claus and two elves from her... which are beautiful and I wouldnt change, but Julie's work is addictive and I just want it all!!!

  12. Good for you Julia. Thsi one is a real treat...he is amazing. Yes very wizardy ...just perfect. I adore his that fabric.

    I treat myself too but at the moment it has to be house stuff....I can't justify a large hand carved Buddha to go on the wall in the 'things we need for the house' budget but I can for me at Christmas :-)

  13. You have chosen a perfect present for yourself! We all need to pat ourselves on the back every so often, especially when you have been working hard despite bad health.

    He is beautiful. So dignified and full of wisdom. I love him. He certainly looks at home already.

  14. LOL Irene, I was wondering who be the first to 'guess' by seeing him in the background of my first photo :)

    Hi Michelle,
    I do love the Pumpkin Witch, but as soon as I saw the Santa, it just had to be him :)

    Hi Kel,
    I love Julie's Santas and elves, you are sooo lucky to have them all :)


  15. Hi Jayne,
    The inside of his coat glistens, it's wonderful :) Hope you get your Buddha for Christmas :)

    Thanks Chelle and Janice :)

    Janice, whats you christmas treat going to be? You must have one too :)

  16. I tried to comment yesterday Julia so hope you dont end up with 2 comments LOL
    I think Santa was meant to be with you, he looks so right in your wonderful setting .I am so happy he has found a home and he looks so happy to be there !

  17. Hi Julie,
    Your ok, only one comment came through LOL

    He fits in perfectly with my scene and I think your right, he was was meant to be with us. He will feature largely in the run up to next christmas and I ever get around to writing my books on Hazel Hill, he will have a starring role :)
    Julia x

  18. And what a Christmas present Julia, I would have been tempted too if I had a Christmas house to put him in, hes so fabulous. He fits in beautifully into your project, what a great buy! xxx


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