Friday, 3 December 2010

Gertie's at Christmas

Well.... I must admit, Gertie is a little sparse on the christmas decs... or is it just me running out of christmas oomph after 'dressing' all the other houses!!!!

Anyway.. here is Christmas at Gerties....

with her glittery Christmas Tree....

and her Santa Stop Here Sign.....

Indoors, Gertie has chosen a rather strange looking Christmas tree and her little pet dragon who is looking totally fed up has just scattered all the presents around the floor!!

 So where is Gertie???

Asleep in her chair with a wonky Christmas Hat and her Christmas stocking at the ready ...

Gertie's all ready for Christmas.. are you??
I'm not!!!

Julia xxx

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  1. Ahh dear Gertie. I dont suppose she minds being minimal at Christmas, after all she will probably sleep through it all anyway! her decs look great, love the little snowman at the door Kate xx

  2. Merry Christmas Gertie. Wish i was ready but i'm not.

    Victoria ♥

  3. Gertie can sleep calmly..she's totally ready for Christmas ;-)
    I'm not..first we celebrate Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands and after that...Christmas!!!

  4. I love the decorations, especially the Santa stop this a mini. I love how you decorate your homes...I don't have enough completed projects to have this type of fun yet. Maybe next year? :o))

    Michelle xxx

  5. She probably will Kate, maybe Gertie has the right idea LOL

    Yep, Michelle, the Santa Stop Here sign is a mini, bought from a Dolls House Fair some years ago xxx

    Neither am I Victoria, but we'll get there!

    I will have to look up Sinterklaas, Margriet :)Have a wonderful time :)

  6. Gertie looks how I feel by 3pm Christmas Day!

  7. LOL Janice :) I feel like that most days....!!


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