Saturday, 18 December 2010

Maple & Pear Confectioners ~ Interior decorating and shop fitting!!!

Well we have got on wonderfully with the sweet shop, although, we have been working on it all evening from teatime till midnight!! Still, I think it's looking great and it's ready for my wonderful xmas pressie from the children (wink wink) and for my 2011 projects of sweet making, which I may add I am absolutely hopeless at! LOL

Anyway, here are some photos of the inside, all ready for me to fill over the coming months....

My first job was to paint the interior walls and I used the same chalky peppermint green emulsion which I have used on the window panes.

When that had dried I put the flooring down. This floor is green marble look sticky back vinyl!! I was going to lay individual mosaic floor tiles, but I found the vinyl when rummaging for something else in the garage and it was just perfect :)

Hywel has busily been making me some shop shelves and counters. This time he used plain pine for the carcass as I wanted to paint it and it would be a travesty to paint meranti, although he insisted on using meranti for the lower shelves, which I waxed.

Here they are in progress...

I made sure he notched out the edges of the counter, I think it softens the look...

Once they were all made, Hubby painted the edges in Craig And Rose Chalky white and I added some strips of dolls house wallpaper below the bottom shelves

Oh, I nearly forgot... before putting the floor down, I painted the ceiling in the dark green of the bays and front door and sprinkled a few little gold stars on the wet paint that had come off the tinsel Janice had wrapped around my fabulous give away present. They will probably fall off after a few days, but they look quite festive at the moment!

So there it is, just the door to put back on and its all ready for chocolate fountains, candy floss and sweets :)

 Just have to sit here and wait for christmas now :)

I hope everyone who has snow is staying safe and warm and doesn't have to venture out too far. We had more snow overnight and there is more forecast for tonight, so the car is firmly parked up and the legs have to walk to the shops! LOL

Our little cat Pumpkin loves the snow and whilst the sun is out, it is hard to get her to come in....

Back next week with pics of the Olde Abbey at Christmas and Santa's Cabin :)

Julia xxx

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  1. Oooh oohh ooh I love it! I adore the built in shop counter look and wish we lived closer for you to design and build my interior for my chocolatires WHEN i do it, this is just how Id like it! The painted shelves and counter are fantastic Julia, the colours perfect! Oh what will your pressie be, how exciting! Dont you fret on the sweet making front, when I get going on them I cant stop! When the children are back to school and Bella has stopped having half hourly garden visits ( shes a wee machine at the mo!) Ill be putting your sweets before anything on my own list of to do's as they are more fun than my lengthy projects!! Cant wait to see more, your so good, so motivated and so thorough, I wisah I was more like you ! Kate xxx

  2. LOL Kate, we wouldn't get anything in our life size houses done if we lived close to each other, we would have Hywel making us furniture and we would be busily filling it! :) I am only motivated because I have little else to do whilst the doc wont let me go back to work, I do try to convince him, but he says no! I don't have little uns needing my time or a little Bella either, my little uns are getting to be big uns now, I can't believe Meg is 12 in a month!!
    I got a peek at my pressie, before Hywel came home from work and swiped it away to be hidden :( It will be on my blog as soon as poss after christmas day!
    Hope your all ready for christmas :)
    Julia xx

  3. Well, as you say you have been working in this constantly...but I still think it must be something in your breakfast that makes you two move like the wind! lol I'd still be thinking about how I was going to decorate it, let alone anything else!

    I love the flooring..what a great find! lol I love the outside it does look like a mini Honeydukes! :o))

    I can't wait to see what you Christmas pressie is! Kate's sweets ARE truly amazing!

    My Granny's cottage will probably arrive in the New Year now (it's one of my Christmas presents), but I have lots and lots to keep me busy with the other presents! :o))

    Stay warm!! :o)
    Michelle xxxxx

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Just gluten cornflakes for my breakfast!! LOL On these smaller projects, I plan my look, make a mood board and stick to the plan like glue, so once we start, I don't lose time wondering how I want it look. Also, this one was really easy, because I wanted the HoneyDuke look, so not a lot of planning had to go into the initial look. The flooring is just sticky back vinyl and I have a whole roll full if you can find use for some, I bought it originally to use for mini marble look chopping boards.

    I cant wait to see all our christmas pressies :) Lots of new projects for us all for 2011 I think :)

    Hope your keeping warm too
    Julia xxx

  5. My Sister does mood boards for real life...I guess I just go with the flow...but it does take up lots of time as you say!

    I'd love some of that green flooring if you have enough spare...I know I could make use for it...and yes for one of my Diagon Alley Shops!

    I've not done any mini work for a couple of weeks, but I have time tomorrow.

    Michelle xxxx

  6. Quel travail rapide , la devanture de la boutique est superbe .

  7. Julia it's marvellous - the design, the shelves and counter, the colours are all excellent and I love the marble floor!
    You have a magic touch :)
    It reminds me in a way of Vianne's shop in the film 'Chocolat' - lovely!! :)))

    And yet again you have helped me greatly - sitting down to make a design board is the perfect answer to my current mini problem - thankyou!!
    xx Glenda

  8. I agree with Kate and Michelle. You are a couple of whirl winds! I am terrible at making decisions and seem to spend more time thinking and planning than doing!
    I am looking forward to drooling over all your Christmas presents as I have already had mine cos of the trip. It wasn't a mini but it will allow me to keep in touch with the real world.

    Lovely work as usual Julia.

  9. Hi Michelle,
    I do go with the flow on larger projects like Gertie's cottage and Wizards and Wands was never meant to have a library, originally, it was just going to be a wand shop! :) I think the smaller projects don't leave much room for changes though, which I find great, but really annoys hubby LOL

    Jot me some measurements down in an email and I will mail you some vinyl xxx

  10. Hi Glenda,
    I searched images but can't find the film Chocolat, I'm intrigued to see it now!
    I based it on Honeydukes, so it was really easy to do and should we ever have the room, it will have a side extension and an upstairs matching Honeydukes one day :)
    Julia xxx

  11. Hi Janice,
    I do all my thinking last thing at night, I seem to have the right idea or design when I wake up then :)I am also very lucky to have a very good visual imagination, I can see everything as I want it perfectly in my minds eye.

    I think you are getting the most amazing christmas christmas present of us all Janice... your wonderful holiday, you are going to have such fun and when you get home there will be a little parcel waiting for you from me xxxx

  12. Julia, you really should go and watch "Chocolat" (One good reason: Johnny Depp - LOL - and not to forget wonderful Juliette Binoche and Judi Dench) but I'm sure you'll like Vianne's shop decoration with all that Maya stuff especially in the end scene. Would be a great inspiration for your wonderful shop. Your progress is amazing, you're faster than the speed of light! But one thing really puzzles me - I never find something so gorgeous like that green vinyl in my garage... ;O)


  13. Hi Birgit,

    I will have to look out for Chocolat.. I don't tend to watch a lot of TV, too busy making minis! LOL but I will see if I can get it out on DVD and take a look at the shop :)

    LOL over my garage... it's attatched to my house, just a normal interior door into the garage, which we have boarded out and we now store all sorts in there... hence the vinyl... also I never throw anything away that may come in handy... one day... typicla miniaturist!! LOL
    Julia xxx

  14. Your shop looks wonderful Julia! I love the shelves and counter. I wish I could stick to a plan hee hee, nothing I make ever comes out according to plan LOL.

    Victoria ♥

  15. Just had to say as Im reading through your comments this morning that the scene in the film Chocolat is the inspiration for my Chocolatiers , how funny! Glenda is right, its a great film and the shop is so gorgeous. She has fitted shelves and counters hence why I loved your set out so much! It has dark wood shelves and wedgewood blue walls and I cant wait to do it in a small room box I have and one day Ill get round to it, I already have loads of chocolates for it! Also for inspiration Julia, ask Hywel for the new Harry Potter book of Wizardry! I saw it in the bookshop and hinted and I think Emilys bought it for me. It has pics of Honeydukes and loads more behind the scene pics and stacks of photos and fun things in it! I cant wait to get mine!! Its a must have on the Chrismtas list, and still afew days for someone to go out and buy it for you if they can battle the snow! Kate xxx

  16. Julia posted some info on my blog for you on that book!! xx


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