Friday, 17 December 2010

It snowed!

A little distraction from Miniatures, I thought I would share some pictures of our overnight snowfall. I looked out at 1am and there was a light dusting, I got up at 5am and there was 5-6 inches!

Very seasonal ;)

The view from my kitchen at 8o'clock this morning

Out the front... look at my poor car LOL

Meg stomping around in the snow and Maisey looking very ghostly! 

Dean trying to avoid hitting the washing line and having a snow shower!!

Daylight.. and it all looks very pretty...

They reckon all this snow will be gone by six pm! We'll see!!

Well, I am going to spend the day decorating the inside of the sweet shop.. will pop photos on later.

Julia xxx

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  1. Julia, It looks lovely when it's untouched like that. Ours has all gone that dirty slushy way but it's back - only a flurry at the moment but forecast to get worse! It's getting quite boring now :-(

    You have a nice view from your kitchen window.

  2. Wow a real winter wonderland! Look forward to seeing your sweet shop! :-)

  3. Que maravillosas fotografias, gracias.
    besitos ascension

  4. Julia, its on its way back this evening, just been watching the news. Still think that Bush out the garden looks like MIckey

  5. Julia,

    The snow look glorious and I'm always happy to see photo's of it.:o)

    I have everything crossed that we WILL miss this lot. Not at all lucky last time or the time before!!! My Nephew flies home to Luxembourg on Tuesday so please no snow!!

    Stay safe and warm!

    Michelle xxx

  6. Beautiful photos, Julia!! It looks lovely from here :D

  7. So beautiful. You can't tell where you live from where I live looking at those pictures. I am sick of snow already, will be looking at it till may.

    Victoria ♥

  8. Hope your nephew gets home in time for Christmas Michelle xxxx

    Hi Victoria, if we had this till May, our country would cease to operate, most things stop after just one snowfall, the government and councils are not very good at snow in the UK!!!


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