Monday, 20 December 2010

The Olde Abbey at Christmas ~ another christmas celebration at Bearcabinminiatures

Well, we have seen 'Woolembees At Christmas' and the 'Wizards and Witches' having their good old knees up in the Library, so now its over to to The 'Old Abbey' to see whats going on in there....

The Christmas Tree is sparkling and looking through the window, is that someone sitting inside?

It's Christmas and everyone has gone to The Olde Abbey...

Flora has just arrived, but it's standing room only...

The little Olde Abbey is full...

of christmas happiness and celebration....

and present sharing....

Merry Christmas from the Olde Abbey

Just the Santa Cabin to go now and then it will be christmas :)

Julia xxx

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  1. I love all the people in the congregation and the man sitting in the back row with his walking stick!! lol It looks like a real scene and oh so welcoming! :o))

    Michelle xxxx

  2. Morning Michelle,
    No hiccups this morning LOL

    The walking stick was made by Joy, it belongs to Flora :) All my little people in the Olde Abbey are made by Julie, Joy and Margaret Murphy :)

    Julia xxxx

  3. Looks lovely Julia. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us..x

  4. Love Christmas in your mini-land! Maybe next year I'll actually have somewhere finished to dress for christmas too! Wishing you and yours a happy christmas and all the best for 2011, Allison x

  5. Merry Christmas and a great New year to you and your family too Allison :)
    Next year I will looking out for one of your projects dressed for Christmas :)
    Julia xx

  6. I like it how you make them come alive.


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