Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Sweet Shop Exterior Part 2

With my camera batteries now fully recharged, here are more photos of the exterior walls of the sweet shop for you :) After swirling white acrylic paint on the side walls, I used a wet, scrunched up piece of kitchen roll to smudge the white into the grey. The walls were then left to dry fully before I 'teabagged' the whole lot! I didn't apply too much of the tea wash to all areas, just enough to give it that older look in corners. I then left it all to dry overnight.

I also painted the steps with a black/grey palette. I put a dab of black and a dab of grey on my palette and then just lightly took up a bit of each colour and applied it to the step without mixing the colours together. The colours then mix in a streaky manner as the brush is moved over the surface.

Finally, I varnished everything when it was all really dry and I had finished adding green acrylic, speck by speck... that takes sooo long to do LOL 

I use normal Interior Matt Clear Non -Yellowing Varnish to seal it all.

Here are the pillars either side of the door. I'm a bit stuck as to what to put here... I don't like the over door mantle, it is too low and I don't want to hide too much stonework, so what can I put on the top of the pillars? Some sort of sweet jar maybe?

And I finally decided on the name! I played around late last night with the lettering and Maple & Pear Confectioners fitted the window bays perfectly...

So with just the front door to paint and age now, I can move onto decorating the inside..... another day! :)

Julia xx

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  1. It looks lovely, especially the shade of green you've chosen. I really enjoy these step by step transformations.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the interior now.

  2. Golly guys works fast! I really like the way you have worked out the stone & plaster. Yes, I think a big jar of sweets on top of each pillar would be great...and quite unique! It would finish it off and one would never know that something was there first.

  3. Lovely paint work, Julia! I like the lettering, too :)

    I can't get the brand of acrylic paint I used to buy, and the pigments are different in the new brand even though the colour names are the same, so when I mix my tried-and-true recipes, the results are quite unexpected. Still,it's fun testing...

  4. It's a great colour combination and I like it lots and lots! The walls look great too! :o)) I'm hopeless at applying that type of lettering as I can never get the spaces between the letters right nor straight! I leave to someone who can do it. lol

    I love the stencils (wall), again not something I think I could do that well and you make it look easy! :o)))

    glad you have recharged some batteries!
    Michelle xxxx

  5. Wow it looks great! your name is perfect and fits so perfectly. I will be emailing you for advice when I do my walls. I can't wait to see the sweet jars.

    Victoria ♥

  6. Great work as usual Julia, the wash on the brick work is so good. I really struggle with this technique.
    The gold lettering is fabulous. Did you paint it yourself free hand? So effective.

  7. Hi Irene,
    The Craig and Rose paints are great, you can get them in most large DIY stores and at £2 a pot they are a bargain,they last ages xxx

    Hi Tabs, I've nothing else to do all day, hence the fast work LOL I think a big jar of sweets will look on the top of each pillar, I've just to find the right size jars now! :)
    Hywel is responsable for designing and applying the look of the stone and plaster, I just paint it :)

    Julia xxx

  8. Thanks Glenda :) Thanks for the email too, I will give that a go on the shingles :)

    Oh Michelle, I applied that lettering just after midnight last night with tired eyes, I re-did it umpteen times LOL I'm really pleased with it today :) I can't do the stencils, they all smudge when I take it off, hubby uses the stencil on parts, freehand on parts and then a large spatula for the applying the 'plaster'. I just wouldn't have the patience! LOL

  9. Your very welcome Victoria, hubby will give you loads of tips, you can't shut him up once he starts LOL
    I haven't started the sweets yet, I am hopeless at making fimo food, I get lucky results very rarely LOL Prepare for many disatrous attempts at sweets showing on my blog LOL xxxx

  10. Hi Janice, the lettering is gold outliners from Hobbeycraft. I could never paint them so neatly freehand, they just peel off and stick on :) xxxx

  11. I am amazed Julia, they look simply perfect. You have a very good eye for style and measurements obviously.


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