Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Flowers from Janice and the Aim Advent Calendar

Our lovely Janice sent me some flowers for Gertie's cottage a while back and here they are :)

Thank you so much Janice, they are lovely :)

There was 3 boxes full of beautifully made flowers which Janice had painstakingly put together from kits and even painted some of the leaves.

There was also a lovely wreath which I have added to with little black berries and it hangs proudly on Gertie's front door :)

Some of the flowers are 'planted' in Gertie's garden...

and some are now happily planted in my little patch of earth under Maysage and Birch's bay window :)

I still have lots more, but they are going to go in pots for Gertie's potion greenhouse :)

Thank you again Janice, I hope you like where I put them  :)

The AIM CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR starts today. click here to pop over, you will love it :)

Julia xxx
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  1. Enhorabuena por esas preciosas flores, la corona es fantastica.
    Gracias por el enlace.
    besitos ascension

  2. Janice's flowers are really beautiful, I have some I received in Ira's garden swap some months ago and I can't get over how detailed and perfect they are. Yours look great the way you have placed them!

  3. Lovely Flowers that Janice sent. They and the wreath look

  4. Gerties cottage door looks great with the wreath. All those flowers, they look so nice. The AIM Christmas Advent Calendar is such fun, I checked it out yesterday.

  5. Hi Julia, so glad you liked them. They look sweet outside the door and the berries on the wreath were a very good idea.
    You always make your cottages look so welcoming!


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