Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I really shouldn't... But.....

Well, I was on Ebay early one morning and saw this little bargain....

and no- one was bidding.. so I did and I got it for a song :)

It is a Sid Cooke, which I have said I wouldn't buy again because the kits are so poor, but this one was already put together so I knew I wouldn't have the usual headache of chasing down missing parts from the kit.

It's a nice size.. quite long, but not too deep, so it will fit on my dresser next to Woolembees perfectly :)

It's lovely, deep bay windows too :)

So... come on ...what shall it be???? The general feeling so far is that it should be a Honeyduke style sweet shop and I am going to be doing a wizards sweet shop in the New Year. But... any other ideas????

Hope your all safe and warm in this snowy weather and to everyone overseas who is basking in warm temperature's.. I need some sun!!!

Julia xxxx

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  1. See Julia, this is what happens when we're stuck at home with nothing but a computer for company! It's a great little purchase - well done on getting a bargain and I like the deep bays too. No thoughts on what you could create with it though but I'm sure you wont be stuck for ideas.

  2. LOL Irene, your are so right there. I must stay off Ebay, can't keep off the computor though, I'd miss you all :)
    Julia xx

  3. I still think you should do a "Honeydukes"..Its a lovely little shop Julie. What ever you decide, I'm sure it will be wonderful..xxx

  4. Oh no you really should its fab! GOod job I didnt see it Id have been in there after it like a shot, I love the small shop roomboxes with those bay windows! Honeydukes sounds a great idea, I love all those big fantasy lollies and ice creams! Have fun lucky you! Kate xxx

  5. I can understand why you bid on this one, it's a very nice shop!!
    A sweet shop sounds great, but I think everything will look nice in a shop like this!

  6. I think it will be the sweet shop Debbie... my Wizards Store will have to go back in the cupboard! It will find a purpose one day :]

    Thank you Kate :) I hope you realise you will have to be my chief sweet maker... think of all those cupboards you need.. broom cupboard.... shelves... understairs cupboard ;) I will keep you and Hywel busy for weeks LOL

  7. A great buy Julia. All the hard work done too so you can get right down to all the things you do best.
    Definitely a sweet shop! My shop like this one is going to be an apothecary.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Great find Julia. Can't wait to see it filled.

    Victoria ♥

  9. Nice buying!
    A sweet shop sounds good!
    There is a good list of HP shops here -
    but you probably know them all :)


  10. It's wonderful Julia what a truly fab find, I'm just not that lucky!!! :o))))

    This is the kit (I have to buy 2 kits of course lol) I have planned for both Honeydukes and also Borgin and Burkes although I want the upstairs too.

    I guess the world is your oyster as to what you turn it into! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  11. Hi Michelle,
    I couldn't believe no one was bidding! It's great and the general concensus here and on FB seems to be to make it into my wizards sweet shop, so that is what it shall be..I was thinking of naming it Maple and Syrup confectioners! xxxx

  12. He he I will be glad to Julia! Ill need to put my mind to something after all the Christmas madness thats for sure! Im thinking new furniture for my witches hat shop to give it a revamp in the New Year so Ill work on plans my end, you do the same yours and we will make a start ! Ill enjoy watching the films again too for ideas on fantasy sweets! Love the name thats great! Kate xxx


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