Friday, 10 December 2010

A deserted Wizards and Wands Bookstore?

Its very quiet by the Wizards and Wands Bookstore!!
The lights are on....

There is a new delivery of wands and candles to be put away.....

but the shop is deserted!!

But.. wait... I spot Christmas Decorations....

and a Wizardly Old Santa arriving....

It must be the Wizards and Wands Christmas Party...... :)

Poor Aunt Agatha just dropped her book in surprise...

everybody has gathered here....

Little Maddy has her new bear ....

Sambucus Spearwort and Wizard Polemonium are arguing over which cake to eat first.....

and Gertie has brought her favourite pet Dragon to the party and is chatting to Aunt Agatha....

So I think a good time is being had by all...

Merry Christmas from my Wizards and Witches at Hazel Hill and thank you for all your comments and encouragement over the past year on their antics :)

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  1. A very Merry Christmas to you too. It certainly looks like they're all having a marvellous time at the party. I think all comments have been justly deserved!

  2. Thank you Irene :) I just have the Olde Abbey scene showing my non witch characters enjoying christmas and my Santa's cabin and that will probably be it for this year. Hasn't the year flown?


  3. What a lovely christmas party - they seem to have lots of fun. Thank you very much for inviting us, too.


  4. I love your Christmas party Julia! Lorraines pumpkin wand and stand is the highlight of your table. Merry Christmas.

    Victoria ♥

  5. Looks like they are all having a fabulous time at the Party. Hope there's no hang overs tomorrow..LOL xxx

  6. What a great party! A very merry Christmas to you too!:D

  7. I just love it! I love how the real light shines into the room it makes it all look sooo real!

    It's looks so charming and festive! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  8. This made me smile. Merry Christmas! Hugs~ Kim

  9. Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well!! Thankyou for letting us peek at the party, everyone's having a great time :)
    Many thanks for your delightful posts throughout the year, they've been a source of much enjoyment!!
    xxx Glenda

  10. Merry Christmas Julia to you and all the family both real and mini size lol! What a fabulous CHristmas party they are having. I cant wait for the year I have time to decorate my houses for the different seasons, I want to do it every year but never get the time. You inspire me to try very hard next year! xxx

  11. Merry Christmas Julia...I'm playing blog catch up right now :) I wish I had been invited to this party- it looks like it was a fun time!!! Hope you are having a wonderful month ♥


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