Sunday, 12 December 2010

A wonderful surprise in the post :)

Our postman brought me an unexpected parcel on friday and when I opened it up, I was thrilled to see one of Joy's wonderful characters inside :) 

A couple of weeks ago, Joy had offered a swap for her on her blog and I had emailed her about it and was awaiting the swap decision, so you can imagine my surprise when she arrived on my doorstep :) She is lovely and different to my other characters I have from Joy, in that she has only a hint of a little smile and a quieter looking demeanor. I think she will be perfect as a customer in my Hat Shop.. when I finally get around dressing the inside, but for now she is in The Olde Abbey for Christmas :)

I have yet to give her a name, I am thinking of Flora?

She has 3 bags and a lovely wooden walking stick....

and a lovely knitted waistcoat over her green floral dress.
I love her shoes too :)

This is the outside of the hat shop, I think she will be perfect here and the two extra bags fit perfectly on the window shelf.

This is how I want the inside of my hat shop to look ....

so Flora? would match the era perfectly :)

I am motivated to work on the interior of my hat shop now, I just have to nag Hywel to make my shop shelves.... hee hee

Thank you so much Joy for choosing me for your swap, I just love her and I think her expression and little smile just sums me up at the moment...pondering on the moment :0)

I hope you will love your parcel too and make great use of all the fabrics, buttons and trims :)
Julia xxx

Joy's fabulous Characters can be seen on her website at adora-bella-minis

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  1. Flora is wonderful and you have given her the most perfect name! She's utterly delightful and perfect for the scene you have set her in too. :o)

    I guess you know what you are making as part of your swap?!

    Michelle xxx

  2. Hi Michelle,
    The more I think of a name, Flora seems to be the one, so I think I'm going to stick with that name :) My side of the swap was a box of materials, buttons, trims, feathers, etc so I can't wait to see what marvelous clothing Joy makes with them :)

  3. Flora's a good name for her - she has real character! I can imagine stopping and chatting to her in the street or in the shop :)

  4. Perfect name for your new addition Julia. She's lovely. xxx

  5. isn't she just a cutie. I like Flora too and I think she will look very much at home in your hat shop. I love Joy's characters they never fail to make me smile.

  6. Yes, Flora is the perfect name for her.

  7. What a lovely gift to receive and I think Flora will fit very nicely into the scene you have chosen for her.

  8. What a great doll!! and a great name too!


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