Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas at Maysage and Birch

I have been a little distracted of late and have fallen behind with my blog posts and reading but I promise to catch up this week. Today, the realities of having a chronic illness has reared its ugly head and pain has rendered me pretty much useless in doing anything but type!! So type I did! Or rather I edited photos and then had a brainwave to add a cheery christmas theme to my blog :) I know it's a tad early, but I was bored!! Hope you like it :)

Anyway, I have edited my photos of my little shop... Maysage and Birch... so come with me for a little browse around my Magical Maysage and Birch :)

The front window... As we pass at the little owl wearing his christmas hat :0)

and wonder at how good those christmas lollies would taste....

Through the door... is that a snowball the little snowman is holding?!!

Pass the shop counter.. resisting the santa cookies and chocolate log cake....

Past the witches christmas hat and little mouse on a jug....

and up the stairs.... to the staff room for a sneak peek!!

Just a little christmas decoration up here... maybe the shop owner has enough of glitz downstairs!!

She has put her warm winter curtains up though :)

Then back down the stairs.. pass the little bear...

and we're done... time to go home...
back tomorrow :)

Julia xxx

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  1. Very nice, Jules. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Looks lovely Julia, is that the Christmas Log I made on your table? xxx

  3. What can I say... lovely, lovely, lovely... you have such an eye for decorating and finding the right sentences to your well made pictures... what a delight! I've enjoyed the little walk through the wonderful house very much :-))) Hope you will feeling better and I like the new Christmas theme on your blog!

  4. The light always looks so magical in your photos Julia. Everything looks so warm, Thank you for putting me in a holiday mood.

    Victoria :)

  5. Thanks girls, it's good to be getting in the Christmas mood :)

    Hi Deb,
    No that's not one of your chocoilate logs.. that's to come... in Santa's Cabin :)

    Julia xx

  6. It's already snowing in the Netherlands, so I'm in a christmasmood the way your blog looks :-)
    Hope you will be feeling better soon!
    And thank you for the tour...the shop looks wonderful!

  7. What a wonderful stroll through your perfect decorated house. So many lovely details - thanks for these beautiful pictures.

    Have a nice week!

  8. Thanks for making me feel christmassy, that wasn't happening this year, now I'm enthused. Your little owl in his santa hat is a real hoot! (pun intended)

  9. Beautiful Christmas scene. I love all your miniatures & the warm cozy glow when you look in from outside. I hope you can soon get your complain under control ♥

  10. Lovely Christmas scene, looks lovely and cozy.. Hope your feeling better soon Julia xxxx

  11. So cosy and festive it looks great Julia, feel better soon! Kate xxx

  12. So much Christmas spirit in this scene. It's very warm and beautiful!


  13. So darling!!! I wanted to scoff one of those lollys on my way by. And one of those cookies, lol. I love the drapes, the little frog next to the hat, oh just everything too numerous to name. Feel better soon. Mini Blessings, LJ

  14. I enjoyed peeking in the windows of your little property - it's such a lovely effect and your description of each pic is so well done. Hope you feel better soon.


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