Saturday, 2 October 2010

News on 'The Shed'

I have been doing the odd hour here and there on the shed since I bought it and I have heaps of photos stored up to show. So I thought I might as well make a start, seeing as I have been instructed not to move off the sofa this afternoon!! Roll on monday, when he, who is not to be obeyed is in work, hee hee!

I stained the whole lot with Jacobean Oak Wood stain, after hubby had made me a base and cut out the 'shiplap cladding' for the exterior walls. Then I started to glue everything together. The glue oozed a little between the side shed wall and the base, so I grabbed the opportunity to push some 'grass' sprinkle along the wall base.

Then disaster struck, whilst I was waiting for it all to dry, I knocked it off the table and it bounced across the garage floor, which, thankfully isn't a concrete floor, its laminate as it is connected to the house, but the shed didn't survive unscathed all the same!

It broke my window glazing.....

But, after gingerly picking it up and swearing a little.. ok a lot.... I don't think its too bad.... in fact, I think it adds a little bit of character which I couldn't have done myself no matter how hard I'd tried! What do you think?

So, after that little drama and after it had dried peacefully overnight, I went in the search of something nice to use for the floor. I tried some wood planks, but it all looked a bit too 'woody' and then I found the hidden box of Hywel's handmade tiles! I wondered if he would mind me 'borrowing' some, but well... he was in work, by the time he got home, they would be painted, aged, glued down and looking fabalous and he would say 'see, I told you they would look good in there' as if it was his idea in the first place!! ;0)

The tiles are made from Terracotta and I stained them using a dark Oak wood dye, but they take on a different hue to the wood dye because of the terracotta colour and absorbency. Though, I think a couple of plaster of paris tiles sneaked in too!

After an hour or so, they were dry, so I covered the base of the shed (inside) with a layer of Art Mache and then sunk the tiles into it. This gave me a good look of worn grouting between the tiles. I then added some patches of soil and that was the floor laid :0)

Then hubby came home from work and was so impressed he went straight into the garage and made me a potting table :0) I had to cook the tea though!

So there is the shed coming along nicely, I hope you like it. Can you see the viney thing through the window?
I will show how I made that and how I have 'landscaped' the outside in my next post.

Now, I'm off to escape from this sofa, too much sitting is giving me a numb b... :0)

Julia xxx


  1. Julia, I think the crack in the glass does add something. My real Shed room has a big hole in the window.! Love how you've done the floor. Hope your feeling better every

  2. He he love that ' He whom must NOT be obeyed!!! ' !!
    Loving the shed and oh yes definatly leave the broken window that is brilliant, adds so much character! Bring us more!! ....but take it easy too! Kate xxx

  3. Looking good . . . the tiles are excellent!!
    I do like the crack in the window, it works well. I had the same thing in my lakehouse windows - two small cracks in the perspex, but I left them in - as you say, you couldn't do it if you tried, and it does add realism. It must have been a moment, seeing the shed roll and bounce :O

    BTW there's a wee gift about to wing its way to you ;)

  4. Hi Debbie and Kate,
    Yes, I think the crack does add that something to the window, but I know I'll never be able to recreate it!

    Hi Glenda,
    It was quite a 'Oh'... holding my breath moment! I was so glad the actual shed itself wasn't damaged. A gift for me :0) Thankyou so much Glenda, thats a lovely thought xxxx

  5. The cracked window really does add a special something to the shed!Also to say the tiles and floor is brilliant.Keep working!

  6. I love how your shed is coming along, you've inspired me to find the little one I've got hiding around here somewhere and to actually do something with it, though no idea what at the moment :lol:

    The titled floor looks fantastic and I like the crack in the window, it does at character to it and will fit in well with your theme.

  7. Wow I do love that floor, and what a happy accident, a cracked window looks very realistic, like a neighbour's kid has thrown a stone at it! Look forward to seeing more.

  8. Progress is great and the floor tiles are just right. Hope you had a good Monday!


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