Friday, 1 October 2010

'What's in the box?'.....

Around the corner comes.......

Sambucus Spearwort, the proprietor of The Wizard and Wands Bookstore

Sambucus has come down from Oberons Wood

Where I'm told that....
'Sambucus has been entertaning the children of the Hollow again with his outrageous prophecies. He likes to make most of them up, just for the reaction he gets.

As with most elderly wizards, he loves to tease the young, after all, where's the fun in being old if you can't enjoy yourself, eh

This makes him a popular wizard with the children of the village, who simply adore him.

Sambucus is rather partial to sponge cake, any flavour, as it's the texture he likes most of all.
He is also fond of trifle.
He is hoping to receive both at his birthday party next week.

He predicts it will be violet cake!

 Sambucus Spearwort does stoop a little, but he is an elderly gentleman.'

Now he is home..... and Sambucus can't wait to see his beloved Aunt Agatha, whom he has a soft spot for, but won't actually admit too!

Sambucus also has a tale to tell the little witch whom Aunt Agatha has been reading too. I'm sure more witch and wizard children will join the reading group now that Sambucus is there!

Now it's time for Sambucus to take all his papers and books through the secret doorway and upto his attic room.

The magical miniatures Sambucus brought with him from the Hollow

Look, sambucus has even popped his name inside his favourite book, just in case his dear friend Wizard Polemonium picks it up and pops it on the shelf in the bookstore!


Although, for now, Wizard Polemonium is still entertaining everyone back at the hollow but he will be joining Sambucus soon.


So now you know who was in the box ;0) I hope you love him as much as I do, he is absolutely fabalous. Ceila at Oberonswood has some wonderful minis listed in her Etsy store and on her Website. You can also visit her blog and just to give you a little taste of the delights you will find, here are some pics that Celia kindly said I could use :0)


To everyone going to Miniatura this weekend, Have a wonderful time, I wish I could there be too, please take heaps of pics for me to drool over!!!

Now I'm off to curl up on the sofa and finish my little shed ;0)

Julia xxx


  1. He's wonderful, Julia! And I love his backstory. Lots of nice stuff comes from Oberon's Woods...

  2. Thankyou, I'm so pleased with him :0) His little story came with him and it fitted the bookstore perfectly. I have just noticed that Celia's 'Old Jack' from Oberons Wood is on the front cover of this months AIM magazine, so I am going to go and have a little read before I curl up!

  3. Oh, He is neat! I love how he put his name in his book!

  4. Magificent Julia, I see Oberons Wood are in the new AIM mag too! Not sure if its your wizard in there or not. A great new addition and more to come! KAte xxx

  5. Hi Kate,
    The AIM mag is better than ever this month, my quick lunch turned into a long read! Yes, Oberon's Wood is in there and was of course the first article I had to read :0)
    One more to wizard to come, I have to finish selling off my old tearoom miniatures first though, lol. I must stop buying then and get selling or we will be broke and then hubby won't be pleased!!! ;0)

  6. He's so handsome and wise looking- you must be thrilled! I adore his hat and his long beard :)

  7. Julia he's wonderful! :o)) I'm so pleased that you managed to grab him, as I remember you telling me about this Etsy shop etc and how much you loved it! He's goes perfectly!

    I haven't had a change to read AIM yet...but I will! :o))))

    I hope you are still resting no matter how boring it might be! lol

    Michelle xxxx

  8. He's really marvellous with loads of character added. I enjoyed the story too.

    Sorry you can't make NEC but hope you're feeling better.

  9. Julia I agree, I went to have a quick lok and ended up being late picking up the children lol! Its a fab edition and lovely to see so many friends in there too! Loads of Nikkis things and Kat, and others!
    Ive been spending far too much on minis too so your not the only one, and Im really glad that soon I can just add anything I like the look of to my Christmas list for John to pay for !!! Kate xxx

  10. I have been drooling over these pieces for a while now but as I have purchased a few figures recently I have held off.

    He looks fabulous alongside your other characters.

    Keep resting up!

  11. Wow he is wonderful and I love his story. His stoop is perfect...and his nose :-)


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