Monday, 4 October 2010

The Shed ~ a bit of landscaping?

Well, I must admit, I finished the shed yesterday and straight away listed it on Ebay. I am so pleased with it, that I had to list it quickly just in case I changed my mind about selling it! I really enjoyed making this one :0) So, here is the next part on how I made it all up.....

After getting the inside of the shed just right, it was time to start on 'landscaping' the outside. First off though, I needed to make a vine or a tree, so I gathered my tools and some thick guauge wire, sat down and let the wire take its shape. Here's the shape it decided to be.....

I then covered all the twists and turns with brown florists tape, adding thicker areas and wood staining the lower parts. When I was happy with it, I put it in place and built up a 'soil mound' around it using Art Mache. I mixed the Art Mache and then stirred in some emulsion paint to colour. It's the first time I have tried this and it worked!


After building up the mound of 'earth' I used my bear making pliers to hold it all in place untill the glue and art mache dried!!!! Don't worry, they cleaned up lovely, the bears won't notice!

When it was dry, I carried on and made a bumpy surface all over the base to hopefully make it look like a muddy garden.


After all that had dried, I decided the 'soil' wasn't dark enough, so I added a coat of dark oak woodstain... much more realistic!

That evening, I sat curled up on the sofa and made some fimo pumpkins... my favourite bit ;0)

I just love pumpkins... did any of you notice? hee hee

Most of these will end up in Gertie's garden ;0)

So, there is my little shed, nearly finished.... just the garden to dress now and ok, I will part with some of my pumpkins ;0) 

I willl pop the final pics on tomorrow, but if you can't wait that long, to see the finished shed, if you click  here  you will go straight to the shed's Ebay page.

Well, thats me done for today, I'm off to sit and stitch witchy shabby cats now! That's after I have read any Miniatura reports from fellow peeps of course :0)

See you tomorrow, have a good day,

Julia xxx


  1. Julia, it looks lovely. I can't believe you've put it up for sale, thought you was keeping it for Gertie?
    Hope your feeling

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Thankyou, I am really pleased with it :0) I always intended to sell it. At this time of year, I always make a one off pumpkin/witch themed larger piece to sell alongside my owl and cat cushions, last year it was the Potions 4U cabin. Although, I think if I had somewhere for it to go, I probably would of kept it! Gertie doesn't have room because she has the potion greenhouse attatched to her cottage! I will have to start taking full view pics of that now, with halloween coming up, it is time to show Gertie's home in all it's glory ;0)
    Thankyou, I am feeling alot better, the new medication is working, I have to start walking and building myself back up now! I hope you are feeling a bit better too.
    Julia xx

  3. I love it, I really love it! I can see now why it was so hard to sell. Good Job!

    Marisa :)

  4. Thankyou Marisa :0) I just hope it does sell or I will be all deflated :0( Though, I'm sure I would soon get over it ;0)
    Julia xx

  5. Julia, I couldn't wait for the final installment LOL & had a peep on ebay & it looks wonderful! beautifully finished, if I had room for it here, I'd have bought it :o( I love the dead tree, and the cracked window, thats clever! I'm glad you are feeling a bit better now x

  6. Que maravillosa realidad has recreado, me encanta como te ha quedado, precioso.
    Gracias por el enlace.
    besitos ascension

  7. LOL Wendy, I am the same as you... I would of had to go and take a peek too :0)xxx

  8. Love your shed and those pumpkins :-)

  9. I had to have a peep on eBay as well.

    Julia I love it....I especially love the broken pane of accident oyu probably couldn't have planned as well. But that just makes it perfect in my opinion.

    Good luck with the auction.

  10. I had to go peek too- It is beautiful Julia! Pumpkins are my absolute favorite- if I had the extra spending money right now I would be bidding on it for sure. I love how your tree/vine turned out :)

  11. I thought you were supposed to be resting?! You are working very hard at the moment but producing lovely things. I thought I recognised the shed when on Ebay OOAK tonight. Lovely Julia.


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