Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage Part 3 ~ Where's the stairs?

Nope, the little dragon didn't pull the cotton down... he knows the big black witch is looking down at him ....or is it the owls that are making him behave?

So he is just sitting there, looking up at Gertie's bedroom and playing guess which broomstick Gertie will use to go upstairs tonight?

When it starts to get dark....

'Cos Gertie has no room in her little cottage for stairs, so she has to use one of her broomsticks....

To go to upstairs.....

Where she dries her herbs.....

stores her maps....

practices some spells....

and reads in bed :0)

Gertie is a tidy witch though, no messy washing piles here!!

so back down we go.... time to look in the potion greenhouse now....

or maybe we'll do that tomorrow....

Credit today goes to....

Mini artman for the fantastically detailed hand painted 'Black witch' painting.
Mairitales Etsy Store for the Pumpkin candle and Ivy display
Nikki for the Pumpkin on the mantelpiece, the 'Pumpkin Soup' board, the gold hanging potion and unicorn book
Kat for the broomsticks and green and brown hats in Gertie's bedroom
Michelle for the black leather witches hat, book by Gertie's bed and the green felt bag
Janice for the fabulous old maps and papers and the great little wooden pot in Gertie's bedroom
Kate for the superb stack of books
Debbie for the most superbly shaped green bottle I have ever seen

and everything else is made by me or hubby.... unless you have spotted one of yours that I missed! If so, let me know and I will add you :0)

Last post tomorrow and I have to admit, I am glad, these posts take forever to put together!!!

Have a good day everyone and thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and emails, they really are appreciated by both me and hubby who worked so hard to put this magical cottage together for me :0)

Julia xxx
 A request from Kim...

The Witches Hat Bannister...

Please respect that all the images and text here are copyright. The work that has gone into making Gertie's cottage has come about through a lot of dedication, love , sweat and yes, sometimes frustration by myself, hubby and fellow peeps who have contributed through Gertie swaps, giveaways and purchases. I am happy for you to link to these posts or to 'borrow' some images if you so wish, but please ASK first and let me know where the image will be used.. so that I can be nosy!! xx


  1. I've just spent an enjoyable 20 minutes catching up on Gertie's cottage.
    It's absolutely wonderful and I love all the little comic touches!

  2. Such enchanting detail throughout the cottage is an absolute delight!!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together for us :)

  3. Thankyou Glenda, I'm so glad you like it. It has pride of place in our home and everyone who visits spends an age looking in through the windows :0) Last post for the Gertie tour tomorrow, I am editing pics for it now and chuckling at the next green dragon!
    Julia xxx

  4. Really enjoying the tour around Gertie's Cottage, Julia. I'll let Ed, who blow the bottle know you like it. LOL
    Looking forward to

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Yes please, do let Ed know I loved his bottles, the shape and colours on them are lovely. I am going to pop the other two in the new little shop. I am thinking about putting some potion (coloured scenic water) in them, but I am a bit afraid of the glass breaking with the warm liquid. Have you ever tried putting scenic water in yours?
    Julia xx

  6. I missed my morning fix today had to go food shopping so got to see it lunchtime instead! I didnt know it had an upstairs! And very cosy it is too! I was all set to go on the greenhouse tour so looking forward to that tomnorrow! Great pics Julia, I will miss the tours when they end, youll have to move on with your next projects!!!! Kate xxx

  7. Hi kate,
    I was wondering where you were!! LOL Yep, it has an upstairs, only a little one though. If you look at Kat's hat, you will see that it doesn't have much head room, so I had to make the furniture to fit and Hywel had to design a suitable bannister, because spindles just didn't work and we couldn't have Gertie falling off at night, could we?!! The bannister goes right up to the top of the roof and is shaped like a witches hat. Hywel complained when I was editing the pics, that I haven't shown it well enough in my photo!! LOL
    The greenhouse potion will be tomorrow and then that's it, all finished, BUT... I am indulging myself and putting together a whole wizardly village; 'Hazel Hill' the start of it is on my MAGICAL HAZEL HILL Page :0)
    Julia xxx

  8. A whole village lucky you! Id love to do a village of wizard and witchy houses and stores, ahhh I can but dream!
    Meant to say will you be taking a whole pic of the inside, full on shot and of the house as a whole? Id love to see it in its entirety from all angles then Id get to see Hywels hard work and he'll be happy too lol!! Kate xxx

  9. Como voy ha hechar en falta estos paseos por tu casita cuando nos la enseñes del todo.
    Me ha encantado ver la cama y todos los detallitos que tiene.
    besitos ascension

  10. Julia!

    It's wonderful! I love the mezzanine floor that you've added...not an easy kit to adapt in that way.

    I particularly like the little bench like table at the end of Gertie's bed...will you have any for sale at any time?

    The cottage very much looks like 'Gertie's home and looks soooo lived in! :o)))

    Michelle xxxx

  11. Hi kate,
    My magical village is a virtual one, I have grouped my houses together only on my Magical Hazel Hill page, in 'real life' most of them 'live' under the stairs in the cupboard! It's a big cupboard, but they have to share with the hoover and the ironing pile!!

    There will be 2 full pics of the cottage at the end of tomorrow's post, as we say goodbye and look back at the cottage. I will ask Hywel take a picture of the entire cottage from above with the roof off, so that you can get an idea of the layout, but I won't pop it on the blog just yet, but I will email it to you. The front of the house doesn't open, access is only through the roof, which is why getting good photos has been hard!
    Julia xxxx

  12. Hi Michelle,
    The air was blue on many an occassion when Hywel was making the mezzanine floor, especially when I kept taking it out to work on something underneath and then would put it back in the wrong way round, which resulted in many a scratch on the wall. Oh well, it added authenticity!! LOL

    The little bench at the end of the table is one of our 'we're bored, what shall we make and now where are we going to put it' moments. It has hung around projects for a good couple of years, untill now finding it's 'home' with Gertie. It is made out of thick Balsa wood, with the edges roughly carved away and little legs stuck on... so easy, just a quick coat of dark wood stain and there it was. It's easy to make little stools like it as well :0)

    Julia xxxx

  13. Julia- it's amazing- I have to keep going back to each post and looking again to see what I have missed- I can see why people would keep peeking in at it in person. I even had to go back to look for Hywel's banister- what a wonderful idea- I think we need to see it better too! I love the little needlepoint with the two owls- gorgeous! I wish the tour did not have to end!!

  14. Hi Kim,
    I have added a picture at the bottom of the post of Hywel's bannister for you :)
    Julia xxxx

  15. Thank you for taking so much time in presenting your lovely cottage it has been lovely wandering around it with you.
    I particularly like the broom cupboard and the hall way tiles which are amazing.

  16. It's really wonderful! And I enjoy the story behind all the accessories, construction... it brings it to life. :)

  17. Hi Janice,
    It's been a pleasure to present Gertie's cottage to you all. Without everyone here on the blog, no-one except our family and friends would see our personal collection, which I think would be a shame. Hywel puts heaps of work into building up the houses and we really appreciate all your feedback.

    I hope it's been lovely for everyone who contributed to this project through our swaps, to see all their wonderful minis in situ with Gertie. I know I love to look at them :)

    The broom cupboard came about as an alternative to having a stairs, so that Gertie could 'choose' a broom for flying up to bed. It was an 'idea only' until last week and we were going to just hang the brooms on little pegs, then Hywel made a broom cupboard for the new shop but it turned out too big, but with luck, it fitted Gertie's cottage perfectly. I took some photos of the second cupboard being made, so if you want me to do a little 'how we made that' blog post, just let me know.
    Julia xxx

  18. Wonderful both of much work.

    It is good being so behind on my reading as I can do it all on one go and not have to wait :-)


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