Thursday, 14 October 2010

Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage Part 4 ~ the potion greenhouse and farewell Gertie

So into the potion greenhouse we go......

to look at Gertie's benches of pots, magical plants and potion bottles....

There are all sorts of half made potions here.... and could that be some big green toes I can see on the side? ...... 

Oh dear Gertie! Not another spell gone wrong, you've turned your little helper into another big,  green dragon and he looks well fed up!! ......

..... sprawled out on the bench, waiting for a reversal potion....none here though....

maybe the little green goblin would help... if he would stop eating all those raspberries....

or maybe the answer is in the book of potions....

Well, we should be leaving now... before it gets late.... Gertie is already fast asleep in her chair... again....

Come on, we'll use the Potion Greenhouse doors...we don't want to disturb Gertie.....

Quietly now, close the doors behind you...

and wave goodbye to the green dragon as we pass, a smile may cheer him up a little bit!!

It didn't?
Oh well, go quietly past his brother then, we had better not disturb him too....

A final wave goodbye to the dragon in the window....

and a sad glance back ......

it's time to say goodbye to Gertie's little cottage......

Until October 31st that is, for Gertie is having a party for Kat's Halloween House Party.....

See you then ;0) 

Credit today goes to;

Nikki for the fairy and potion boards, rat in a compost sack and Mandrake potting tray
Michelle for a great spiky plant, Gertie's favourite daisy and seedling tray
Janice for the fab flower jar, tall potion jar in far corner and old papers
Midnights Dreams Etsy Store for the fancy topped potion jars on the top shelf

Treasures bought from Jenny Kelm (mushrooms in pot) and Karin Casper (potion book on stand) at Miniatura
Little Mandrake in pot by NJD Miniatures
Goblin with raspberries by Country Companions, who are no longer selling on Ebay
Green 'Slob Dragons' bought at our local market

Everything else is made by me or hubby.... unless you have spotted one of yours that I missed! If so, let me know and I will add you :0)

Thank you all to joining me this week for my tour of Gertie's cottage, I hope you have enjoyed it. I had great fun making up these posts. I think we see more tales from Hazel Hill and its inhabitants in the future :0)

See you soon....

Julia xxxx

Please respect that all the images and text here are copyright.
The work that has gone into making Gertie's cottage has come about through a lot of dedication, love , sweat and yes, sometimes frustration by myself, hubby and fellow peeps who have contributed through Gertie swaps, giveaways and purchases. I am happy for you to link to these posts or to 'borrow' some images if you so wish, but please ASK first and let me know where the image will be used.. so that I can be nosy!! xx


  1. Brilliant!! Thankyou so much for the tour, Julia, I love it all :)))

  2. Oh wowo I just totally love the house and greenhouse, what a gorgeous project! Thanks for the photos of the entire house Julia it really is amazing. Do you paint your woodwork or stain with woodstain, I love the colour you get and need to paint my own shed to match the wooden beams on Gertrudes house.
    The greenhouse is wonderful, I love that flooring is it paper or tiles? And the dragons are too funny, very cool especially love the greenhouse grumpy one! They add something very fun to it all. So much to look at, going back for seconds, oooh and a second mince pie too me thinks while Im reading !! A fabulous tour, so enjoyed it and cant wait for the next one! Kate xxx

  3. Thankyou Glenda :0)) I've sent you a little email about your paintings xxxx

  4. Hi Kate,
    First off, please have an extra mince pie for me, I absolutely love mince pies, but I can't eat them anymore and I am soooo jealous!!! LOL

    Ok, woodwork... I thinly wax the wood, leave it to absorb for 20 minutues, then I rub it all down. I then 'paint' wood dye on with a small artists type paintbrush. It goes very streaky because of the wax underneath and it looks a disaster!! I tidy up any bits which are too streaky and then I leave it to dry overnight. When it has dried, it looks good!! I have used this 'technique' for the bookshelves in Wizards and Wands too. The wood dye is Wilkinsons Traditional Wood Dye in Dark Oak.

    The greenhouse was an Ebay bargain, in that the roof was missing and the door was broken but the basic structure was there. It was undecorated but it did have the floor glued in. I was going to change it, but after I had repaired and aged the greenhouse I liked the floor, so it stayed. It is very smooth and shiny, so I presume it is one of those laminate sheets of tiles you can pick up on Ebay or in the Maple Street catalogue.

    I took some photos of the entire house with the roof off, can't remember if I emailed them to you, though??? I will check my sent box, if I haven't I will send them to you. My next project will be the construction of the Sid Cooke Shop, Hywel bought me, he said it was a terrable kit, lots of faults, but it is starting to come together now. I haven't been allowed to touch it yet, he's a spoilsport! But I did take a picture:0) It's on my Magical Hazel Hill page if you want a sneeky peek ;0)

    Thankyou for your lovely comments on Gertie's House, they are really appreciated... We'll be back at Gertie's for Kats' halloween party lol

    Julia xxx

  5. Thanks Julia, will give it a go, I havnt any woodstain and I bought a stain additive you add to acrylics in Hobbycraft which is supposed to make it look like woodstain so may do some test with both methods. By the way I have a bookstand by Karin too in the Potter kitchen they are beautifully made! Kate xxx

  6. Ha sido una experiencia deliciosa disfrutar del paseo por tu preciosa casa.
    Me ha encantado lo bien que has elegido todos los detalles para que sea fantastica, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  7. Thank you for the tour, Julia! This is such a pleasure. I don't have many miniaturists near me and I so love looking at the projects of others. While I love to shop the shows, I often wish there were just more exhibits to see and oogle over. heheheh.

    You both have done a wonderful job and I am sure Gertie is very appreciative..if she would wake up long enough to say. Eager to see your next project come to life.


  8. Gracias por todos sus lindos comentarios, la Ascension. Estoy muy contento de que haya disfrutado de mi viaje. He disfrutado mucho haciendo estos mensajes :0)
    Julia xxx

  9. Your most welcome Tabs, it has been a lovely tour to do and all the comments have been lovely. I agree, it would be wonderful if there were more exhibits with houses to oogle over, I love looking at all the little details in miniature corners and on shelves!!

    Well, the next project is my SC shop and it will be starting soon.... :0)

    Julia xxx

  10. Thank you for taking us on a tour of Gerties, I really looked foreward to seeing her home and potions greenhouse. they're both lovely!

    Marisa :)

  11. Julia, Thanks for signposting me here to see Gertie's wonderful abode. What a fantastic project, she is the luckiest witch alive!! I am now following you from my new blog, I thought I was still following you,sorry,love Jain xxx

  12. Julia, here's Karin Casper's blog link:-
    I've really enjoyed your tour of Gertie's Cottage and those Dragons are so funny. Thanks for sharing all the pictures with us.
    Really looking forward to seeing your SC come to

  13. Julia and here's the link to Vicky's site NJD Miniatures.. xxx

  14. Gertie's got beautiful home to live and sleep in! :)

  15. Julia- what a fab tour this was- I'm sorry to see it end! I think the greenhouse may be my favorite part because I'm partial to them and Gertie's is so wonderful. I love, love the dragon that is waiting for a reversal potion- poor guy :) Gertie is one lucky little witch ♥

  16. You've totally transformed this kit and I couldn't see the potential when I saw the kit! I love the additional greenhouse/conservatory....that's equally a wonderful choice and kit. I particularly like how the inside of the greenhouse/conservatory roof has been done. I can see the amount of hard work and time spent on this...there is lots to see! :o))

    The flooring you can buy from Minimum world (I have seen it.)

    I HOPE you keep this cottage?!!?!

    Sid Cooke's houses are a real you've probably read on mine, Janice's and Julie's blogs! lol

    Will reply to your email asap.

    Michelle xxx

  17. Thanks Debbie, I have had a good nose their sites now :0) xxxxx

  18. Hi Michelle,
    There's potential in every kit, you just need a Hywel! Lol Seriously though, I just have the ideas, it's Hywel who brings these kits to life, I would never of been able to come up with the greenhouse roof and beams, it even opens in two different ways depending on what I want to do! I love the bridge as well, I said to Hywel; Gertie needs a rope bridge and wallah.. thats what appeared and I love it.

    Yes, Gertie's cottage is definately staying with us. All our houses on our Magical Hazel Hill page are our collection and are firmly staying put with us!! lol

    The Sid Cooke house is built, but yes it was awful and there was over 14 parts missing from the kit, including the back!! Did we get an apology, no... they didn't even acknowledge us! I will never buy from them again, poor quality kits and appalling customer service! But I'll rant more on that when I start the SC Posts!
    Thanks for the link for the floor, I have never nosed around 'minimum world' I may pop over there and have a nose now.
    Julia xxx

  19. I just love Gertie's Cottage! You have collected such wonderful mini's.

    Victoria ♥

  20. Thanks so much for the wonderful tour...this has been a really great way of seeing it all.

    I love every bit of it and you are so lucky to have 'a Hywell' who loves it every bit as much as you.

    And the photo of the dragon though the of the best mini pics I've ever seen :-)

  21. Thanks Jayne, it was a lovely way for me to do the posts, I had great fun ;0)
    Julia xx
    PS Fliss is behaving :0)xxxx

  22. u Pasear siddo placer Ha Correo silencio Por la casa. El est precioso Invernadero. El Consuelo Una maravilla.Las mesas Llenas de Plantas Para La pociones. El RESULTADO està espectacular.
    Besos Clara

  23. Wow just had a very enjoyalbe visit to Gerties Cottage and green house, must say what a lovely job youve done of it love it all thanks Chrissey xx


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