Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage Part 2 ~ Come on In



and so the door opens......

Welcome in.....

Don't worry about those big teeth in the corner....

He doesn't bite... Gertie was trying out a handsome prince potion, do you think it worked??

I think he is probably looking in the potion cupboard for an 'undo the previous potion' potion!!

or maybe he has his eye on that wasp on the apple....

I think the Pumpkin soup and mushroom cupcakes look tastier....

but mind out for that big black spider on the bottom shelf...

So where is Gertie? Ah, there she is.....

Sitting in her favourite chair, by the Aga. I bet she is about to eat some of that pumpkin soup....

With another of her pet dragons at her feet....

who is enjoying the sun coming in through the window....

or... is he about to pull that piece of cotton hanging down from the dresser???

We'll have to wait and see untill tomorrow....

Credit today goes to....

Midnights Dreams Etsy store for the ornate potion bottles in the potion cupboard and the broomstick cupboard
Michelle for the green felted bag hanging in the potion cupboard door
Kate for the wonderful bookstack, mushroom cupcakes and books on the dresser
Streetshill Miniatures for the wasp on the apple
Nikki for the Pumpkin soup boards and the big silver scissors
Kat for the 2 fancy brooms in the broomstick cupboard
Giddy Kipper Dolls for Gertie and her chair

The dresser was a fab ebay find.
The pumpkin teapot is a Miniatura treasure
The hexagon table is a fellow bloggers treasure
The wood look corner chair is DHE.. the cushion is one of mine
The green china was bought in a dolls house fair
everything else was made by me or hubby... I think... if I have forgotten anything you can see of yours, wave a hand and I will add your link :0)

Hope you enjoyed....back tomorrow :0)

Julia xxxx

Please respect that all the images and text here are copyright. The work that has gone into making Gertie's cottage has come about through a lot of dedication, love , sweat and yes, sometimes frustration by myself, hubby and fellow peeps who have contributed through Gertie swaps, giveaways and purchases. I am happy for you to link to these posts or to 'borrow' some images if you so wish, but please ASK first and let me know where the image will be used.. so that I can be nosy!! xx


  1. Well you dont dissapoint Julia, just sat down with my coffee all ready for a read and here it was......you know Im going to get used to this every morning!! I adore that ebay find of yours that is a beautiful cabinet! The spell is hilarious what a great fun idea, makes me feel sorry for poor Gertie though, maybe one day Jain will make a real love for Gertie to share this beautiful cottage with! I can see a sleeping hubby in his own cosy chair in there with her! Loads of great minis and Im proud that Gertie liked me minis! Now to have my cuppa and sit and have another look. Maybe next time Ill treat myself to a mince pie while I take the tour!! Kate xxx

  2. OOh Kate, we nearly had a blogger disaster, the photos wouldn't load. I had them all ready last night and I clicked too load them this morning and No, they wouldn't.. I was just getting white squares with a red X!! After retrying to load them for the hundreth time they worked, but I really thought we weren't going to get there this morning!!!

    I'm glad you liked it again, Hywel is going to tease me again for the words, but I am enjoying writing my little story :0) I think maybe it would be nice one day for Gertie to find herself a wizard to share her spot in front of the aga :0)

    Your minis look fab in there and it is lovely to look in through the window and see all my friends work alongside my own, thankyou :0)
    Now I am off to make myself a cuppa!
    Julia xxx

  3. Love the Story Julia. The Dragon looking in the cabinet made me laugh..xxx

  4. Thanks Debbie, I am enjoying writing the story :0) Hywel has to take the blame for the cheesey grinning dragon, he originally found him and there are two more to be shown yet!
    Julia xx

  5. More goodies! I am enjoying your narrative...don't abide any teasing!

  6. Thanks Tabitha, I will ignore any more teasing off the biggest 'green dragon' in our house!! LOL
    Julia xxx

  7. It's all great Julia...all those fantastic little details...I'm looking forward to the next part... :)

  8. It's fantastic Julia, love your photos

  9. Really enjoyed this post :-) love the house! Thank you for mentioning my brooms. They look really at home in the broomstick cupboard.

  10. Tal como lo cuentas, me parece estar en la casita intentando que esos dientes no me muerdan jejejeje
    Aunque parece que esta mas atento a la araña jejeje
    Genial, me ha encantado pasearme por tu blog.çbesitos ascension

  11. Thanks Janine, Mary and Kat :0)

    Ascensión Gracias. Creo que el miedo a la araña más LOL

    Julia xxx

  12. I can't stop looking at that house, I could live there myself it's wonderful!

    Marisa :)

  13. Thanks so much for inviting us in!! I felt that I was tiptoeing not to disturb Gertie.
    I've spent a very happy time nosing around.
    The cottage is a delight to the eye and the mind :)
    Your sense of colour and placement is superb!

  14. Wonderful story! I love Gertie's Cottage, my favorites are the dragons and her potion cupboard.

    Victoria ♥

  15. Me ha gustado Mucho La Primera foto asomando Por La Puerta.
    Una habitación es ideal pára Una bruja. El armario escobero Muy Buena idea. Una bruja es Muy Agradable.
    Me encanta tu relato.
    Besos Clara

  16. Love it ...that piece of cotton hanging down is just genius.

    And an undo the potion potion lmao.


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