Friday, 10 September 2010

A Hat/Drapers Shop?

This is one of our older shops which has been a christmas shop, a bakers, a medieval store, a craft shop and finally a post office! But I was never really happy with it as any of these, so it has been sitting empty upstairs for quite a while now. Then, when we visited Blists Hill Museum whist on holiday, I saw their wonderful drapers shop and I think it may work out well in this shop. What do you think?

These are some of my lovely hats from Kat

and this is the look of the window display that they will be going in;

and this is my window...

I am also going to try and replicate the inside of the drapers shop;

I have one of Julie's older dolls and I think she will be perfect for the drapers shop.

So this will be a little dip in and out of project for the winter :0)

I also have another new project coming up. Regular followers will know that I am not well at the moment and am due to go into hospital. So I have bought a small kit to work on whilst I get well again and it arrived a couple of days ago :0)

Soooo, what's in the box?

Tune in next time!! ;0)

Julia xxx


  1. Cannot wait to see this shop as it grows over the next few months. Be fun to see all the little reels of ribbons the shelves. I love the shop it has a lovely big window. Thank you for the link to my blog page :-) tee hee!

  2. Your little property will make a great little Draper's shop. I can see the hats in the window with the white curtain behind a la original! There's loads of scope on the inside to - isn't it funny where inspiration strikes? I bet you weren't even thinking minis when you saw that shop.

  3. Julia that kit looks intriguing, let us know soon!! I saw a house just like that on ebay and was so tempted to buy it as its such a lovely style. I didnt I hasten to add! But yes a drapers will be perfect. I loved those pictures you posted and I sued them as inspiration on my hat a making table and I am making ribbons like that as we speak! If you decide to make a hat table youll have SO much fun! I wanted Nikki to make mine but I did make it myself in the end and I think Nikki thought I should for this reason, that they are SUCH fun to make! Ive finished mine and wanting to do another so will do for my witch house ! Have fun with this it will be great and Kats hats are the best to put in there! Kate xx

  4. I only clicked on the box expecting the pop up photo to show me what was in the parcel LOL

    I love your shop and it will make a perfect hat shop

    I hope your soon on the mend. I have the same complaint as you axxxxxx

  5. I think a hat shop is perfect! More of Kat's wonderful hats too! :o)))

    I've seen that old fashioned drapers museum on the telly...I love all the ribbon's stacked up. ;o))

    Looking forward to seeing your new project.
    Michelle xxx

  6. Oh wouldn't that of been great if I could of made the box open if you clicked on it, I wish I could of been able to do that :0]

    I think this will make a nice draper's shop and I am looking forward to making all the little pretty bits for the shelves over the winter.

    Kate, I won't keep you waiting long to find out whats in the box, I just hope you wont be dissapointed, it's a really small kit! I will persuade Hywel to put cut me a base tonight, so that I can a 'This is it?' post tomorrow :0)

    Julia xxxx

  7. A drapers shop sounds just the ticket to brighten up your winter convalesence. All those lovely colours and little bits to play with.

    Plus the box of surprises!

  8. ¡Que mala eres dejando la caja cerrada! :) Seguro que no te aguantas mucho y nos la enseñas pronto.
    La tienda puede ser una monería, ya que a lo femenino se le puede sumar un poco de desastre de telas y eso es un conjunto muy nuestro :)
    ¡Ánimo con la tienda!
    Besos Clara


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