Monday, 6 September 2010

Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage ~ Inside

' It's a very wet and windy day, today and Gertie is bored!! So she had a little idea to show you all around some of the inside of her cottage and Potion greenhouse. '

Come with me and we will take a look....

We will start by looking in through the potion greenhouse back doors.

Hywel made the long bench and I filled it with many delights from Nikki , Midnightsdreams , Vicky , Michelle and of course some of my handmade bits and bobs. It still needs ageing and a bit of fiddling with untill its quite right, but it's coming along :0)

Walking through the potion greenhouse and down the step takes you into Gertie's little one up, one down cottage and we straight away come across her slightly messy kitchen table. Well, she can't put the dishes in the sink yet, it's only half made!! On the table there are a couple of potion bottles, some weirdly shaped fruit, starfruit, a long bowl of mushrooms, a pestle and mortar for mixing all the ingredients, a witches cookery book and a couple of small wands to give a little help with the dinner if needed!

After walking through this room, passing Gertie asleep in her chair as we go, we can go out through the front door.

Glancing over our shoulder, back into the room, can you see.....

a very large set of teeth and an enormous green nose!!!

Well, next time Gertie is bored I'm sure she will introduce you to the teeth's owner and his sidekicks ;0)

I'm off to find something to do now, before I get too silly !!!!

Julia xxx


  1. I love the big brown cupboard! You filled it so nicely in! Gertie's got a beatiful cottage!:)

  2. Oooh who is the mystery figure!! I love the table, and that flooring is really nice Julia, love the terracotta and green tiles. Gertie looks so cosy! Kate xx

  3. I love the potion's cabinet too! It looks wonderful filled! I love the greenhouse too and yes the flooring is fabulous! I spy my little lost cause daisy on your bench too! :o))

    It's all wonderful Julia!

    I have my glasses, so far so good!
    Michelle xxx

  4. Oops, sorry Michelle, yes your fab little 'lost cause' daisy is there too. I have just edited the post and popped in your link :0)

    Glad to hear that you are getting on okay with your glasses. I am forever cleaning specks of paint or art mache off mine LOL


  5. Magical! Gertie is a lucky witch, love your potion green house and potion cupboard!

    Victoria :)

  6. WOW! This really coming around. It looks so good!

  7. Thankyou all, Gerie's cottage really is my labour of love, I have had such fun making it :0)

  8. Es una habitación muy agradable y llena de cosas bonitas y muy bien puestas. Ese armario tan surtido de toda clase de pócimas. Los libros de debajo de la mesa, la alfombra tambien ideal.
    Parece que el otoño viene con ganas de trabajar :)
    Besos Clara


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