Saturday, 11 September 2010

So, what was in the box???

Just a quick post tonight because I am little poorly today, but I had so many 'What's in the box, don't keep us waiting long pleeeases!' that I just had to let you all in on the secret, I just hope it won't be a let down, it's only a little project!

Ok.... here goes....

with the contents of the box there will a bit of this.....

Paving slabs, broken pots and mouse nests!

and a bit of this......

A cobwebby old wheelbarrow

And a bit of this ;0)

Pumpkins :0)

So what's in the box????

Just a shed!!!!

Sorry, it really is a small project, but it had to be small enough to fit on small table by the sofa, so that I can work on it comfortably and not have to stand whilst I get well again. With halloween coming up, I thought it would be great to make a little halloween shed. Hopefully, it will be ready to go in my Etsy Store before Halloween.


Julia xxx


  1. See how similar our tastes are Julia, thats the exact little shad my Gertrude has next to her house! I havnt done anything to it yet, need to paint and distress it etc but so far it has one of Nikki's potting tables and several floozies in it!! This is a great little project, look forward to seeing it grow! Kate xx

  2. LOL Kate, we need to live closer to each other, we seem to have all the same ideas and taste :0)
    It's only a little project, but I think it will be fun. The witch Hywel made me a few years ago is keeping guard over it at the mo, but she won't be in the project.

    Julia xxx

  3. Oh Julia,
    This is a fabulous project for you..not too big but sooo interesting and fun! :o) I can't wait to see how you do it.

    This is one of two shed/greenhouses that I have in mind for my witchy hat makers cottage. Is this very big? I don't want anything too big as I want a few things in her garden. :o) In her shed/greenhouse she will grow mushrooms (and the odd plant). :o)

    Michelle xx

  4. Hi Michelle,
    I think it will be a fun project, I have grand designs in my head for it :0) I am hoping that it will turn out like a smaller version of my mandrake house and I have bought loads of bright orange fimo for making pumpkins :0)

    The shed is quite small. I have packed away it for now, cos hubby is shouting at me too rest, but I will measure it tomorrow and let you know the exact size.

    Julia xxx

  5. Oh I love the size of the shed! Where did you find it? Please let us know:) And now better get some rest!:)

  6. It's going to be fantastic, I love it xxx

  7. Será un cobertizo único. Me gusta la idea.
    Besos Clara

  8. oh! but this is the ideal project to do a job easy, fast and comfortable on the couch!!!
    best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    kisses, Caterina

  9. A lovely idea Julia. Just the right size for a side table and it will keep you busy but not too busy!

  10. I'm glad that you can work on your lovely minis when you are not well - good for the soul!
    The shed is sweet, and I'm sure it will be super when you give it your magic touch :)


  11. Thankyou all for your comments, I'm glad you weren't dissapointed because its such a small project. A few of you have asked where I bought the kit. I bought it on Ebay;

    and it measures;

    Measurements once built:

    Length/Depth 8" or 203mm
    Width 6 3/4" or 172mm
    Height 9 3/4" or 247mm

    Julia xxxx

  12. Hi Julia sorry to hear your under the weather hope you get better soon
    a big hug

  13. Julia, what a great project to work on, whilst you are recovering. I hope all goes well..xxxx

  14. Hope you feel better soon and I'm looking forward to following your progress with the little shed.

  15. Thanks for the measurements Julia! I've seen this little shed/greenhouse in many online different prices I might add! lol

    I hope you start to have some better days soon! :o))

    Michelle xx

  16. I love the shed, nothing wrong with a shed they are magical places. I shall have a look at the weekend see if I have anything you can had for it. I have a few bits and bobs.
    P.S I have emailed you xxx

  17. Julia that is a wonderful little shed. It will be great to be able to sit and just work on something small while you get better and I think that fits the bill just right.


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